Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Formula One At Silverstone!

Hi girls! 

So last weekend it was finally time for the Formula One at Silverstone! I had bought Robert tickets for his Christmas and he was so excited to go! I had got tickets for the Sunday only, which was race day. We left our hotel on Sunday morning really really early and were the only ones of the M6 Toll for a good 5 miles, which was quite spooky actually!

We arrived at Silverstone just after 7 and got a really good parking spot, which meant really easy getting out at the end of the day! We had to pick up our tickets from the ticket office (after a problem with the tickets being sent by post), but it was really easy to find. All we had to do then was take a walk back to the car, stick our parking ticket in the window and then get inside Silverstone!

The Formula One action didn't start until 12, so we had four and a half hours until then! There was actually loads of things to do inside Silverstone, with three races before the F1, loads food places and entertainment and not to mention adventuring around the track, We went on a Formula One 5D ride, which put you in the drivers seat of a F1 car as Jenson Button drove it around the track. It definitely woke us up, when we rode it just after 8am!! 

There were stunt shows that went on during the day, and the bmx bikers tricks were pretty insane! 

We of course took a walk around to the start/finish line, which is under the big Santander board, you can see behind me! It is obviously a very crowded area!!

Robert with a super sized map of the track and also as you can see it was absolutely amazing weather!!

Then 12 came and all of a sudden we had the Red Arrows doing a big display above our heads! It was phenomenal!! At some points the stunt planes were just 6ft away from the next plane, were only 100ft above the ground and going 850 miles per hour!! And of course there was the coloured smoke...!

Drawing love hearts in the sky!

Then it was time for the main event! We stood up in Copse corner and had a great view! The noise of the cars is amazing!! Turn your volume up if you dare!!

The speed the drivers go at is just insane, because the cars have a mind of their own. Honestly they must be completely fearless or be completely crazy! Although I would love a shot of one (hehe, in my dreams!)! 

We had the most amazing warm sunny day and we both got slightly burnt.. Oops! They had pretty good food options too, although slightly expensive, but expected! It was amazing just to be there and feel the atmosphere and actually see these incredible cars in person! We both had a fantastic day!! Oh and also leaving the circuit was so easy and there were no hold ups at all, brilliantly executed!! Unlike the time we went to Nascar!!

Have you ever been to a Formula One race?


  1. Looks like you had perfect weather for it!
    I'm planning on getting the hubby tickets for next year as he loves Formula 1 - where did you buy them from? He went himself several years ago and loved it, but to be honest I was worried it would be a bit boring for me. Having read your post and seen your photos I feel reassured though, as it seems like there was lots more going on besides just the race, haha.
    Hope you're well lovely.
    Mel xx

  2. The pictures you got of the plane are amazing! Looks fantastic!
    I've also tagged you in my most recent post!
    Caitlin x


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