Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eczema Troubles

Hi girls :)

I thought I would do a post on Eczema, as I suffer from this. Now if any of you don't know what it is, it is a skin problem and is an itchy inflammation of the skin, associated to a varying degree with other features such as redness of affected areas of skin and generally dry skin, which is often thickened in the areas that have been scratched. There are obviously other features of Eczema, but these are the ones that I suffer from. 

Now unfortunately for me, the Eczema started when I was 18, before this I had great skin! I have absolutely no idea what caused it to start either, I guess my skin had been slightly sensitive, but the only thing that I could think of was when I had a bath and put a Lush bath bomb in it. It was when I got out the bath that my skin stung and was very dry and sore! Now I don't think that this was the only factor, but its the only thing that I can remember that might have caused it to begin, because after that my skin then started being really dry and itchy and my face would be really red. It was horrible at the start, especially the red face part! At times my skin would be fine and then it would be bad again, I had no way to control it or know when it was going to flare up!

When I started university in September 2008, my skin was fine and it wasn't until I stayed overnight at Robert's for the first time in October, that my skin went mad! He had let his dog stay in his bed the night before and unknown to him at the time I am actually allergic to dogs, cats and horses! So I had a night of crazy crazy scratching. In the morning my skin was red and bleeding, I was so sore. Then it turned out that I had gotten a skin infection. My skin was all infected and it looked like I had big spots all over my body and face (not actually acne spots though). I was actually nearly hospitalised because it was so bad, but I had to use really thick cream and steroid cream that made my skin yellow and had to have bandages put all over my body, cue looking like a mummy!! So it wasn't a nice couple of weeks at all, poor Robert felt so bad, but he did stay with me all through this horribleness so that was him stuck with me! Haha!

Anyway so the infection went away and my skin has not really been the same since. I have very dry skin and have to be very careful what I use on it. To be honest I think I could take better care of my skin, but I think since I have started reading blogs and starting my own one it makes me want to get my skin better. I don't think there is any cure though for eczema (sadly!!!), but just the general dryness of my skin makes it so annoying and I would love to wear make up all the time and feel pretty and most of the time I just cant, so I feel quite low about it all! I think also it is just will power too, because I know that I don't need to scratch, but sometimes my skin is so itchy and I will sit for ages just scratching at my arms or neck or even my face, knowing that I'm scratching but unable to stop. Willpower! My arms tend to get the brunt of my scratching, but my skin is affected on my face, neck, chest,shoulders, arms and hands. All the other areas are like normal skin, which  is so annoying! The thing is though if I start to scratch say my back then the Eczema will spread down to that area. It makes me feel very uncomfortable in my own skin and I always want to cover up! Also jewellery sometimes can annoy my skin, which is rubbish! My skin can be very sensitive at times as well as being dry and flaky, which is the part I hate the most!!

I have tried so many creams and steroids and I have also tried non medical ways as well, but it didn't really help me I don't think. What I feel will help me is changing my diet! Honestly me diet is absolutely appalling! Although there are reasons behind that. I really feel though is that drinking more water will help me a lot. I not really very good at drinking water, as I will always reach for something else first! So I am now trying to get my water drinking up! All I would love is just to have normal skin! I don't want Eczema anymore, it should go away and not come back!! Hehe, I wish.

Sorry if its been a bit of a ramble today, but I just thought that I would let you guys know that this is why in most of my pictures I don't wear any make up or don't look amazing! I will end with pictures of amazing looking skin! That I WANT!!!!
Wish I could wear a dress like this!
Have skin like this
Be able to wear a bikini and feel comfortable!
all images courtesy of

Does anyone else have a little bit of Eczema, or know anyone else who has and if so then what helps you/them with their skin?

Love, Jen x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

River Island Haul

Hi girls, sorry I haven't done a post for a while! 

This post is a haul from River Island! Now I love River Island, I do always go in to see what they have and I know they have went through a stage where they have been a bit rubbish! I have kept on going with them, as they has always been a little gem that I have liked!

So I was in yesterday, after having looked online at what they had and especially looking at their shoes! I have needed a new pair of summery wedges and the ones I have bought are AMAZING!!! Hehe! You can get them in cream, black, or a light blue/purple colour, I was swithering between the cream and the blue, but in the end I went for the cream, as I could wear them with more things! The wedge is 14.5cm (so 5.7inches) and are quite high (I love super high heels!). I don't ever wear small heels, so for me its either no heels or huge heels!! Robert was with me and he was so lovely and bought me them!! They cost £55, which is an ok price I guess,but it still does seem like a lot of money! Eeep! I shall do an outfit of the day when I wear them so you can see what they look like on! They are so pretty, as you will see below!

After trying on the shoes and having them put aside, I wanted to look around at the clothes. I ended up buying a pair of bright pink jeans and two tops! I guess they are both just slouchy t-shirt style tops. The first is fully patterned with pink, green, white, blue and yellow within the print, which was £12. The second top I'm wearing today (my outfit below!) and has three different colours in sections, cream at the top, beige in the middle and grey/blue at the bottom, and this one was only £10!

Top - River Island
Jeans - River Island
Sandals - Next

 Ok so onto the skinny jeans, as soon as I saw the colour I knew I had to have them!!! These are exactly the same as my jeans above and these are so comfortable, so I know these will be great! However they were £40, and as I had just been into New Look (I didn't buy anything) and saw they had coloured jeans for £14 (!!), they didn't have any colours that I thought were nice and also as soon as I saw these bright pink ones I knew I had to have them!! 

So there you go another haul! Do you like the coloured jeans that are in this summer? If so what are your favourite colours?!

Love, Jen x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunny Weather!

Oh how I love sunny weather!!!

I love having the windows down in my car, with the music loud and my sunglasses on! I love seeing no clouds in the sky and not being cold and rained on when you go outside! I love eating ice creams and ice lolly's to cool me down! I love sitting outside in my garden and just reading a book in the sun! I love seeing all the flowers in full bloom and hearing all the birds tweeting in the trees! I love feeling the warm sun on my skin, it just feels so refreshing! I love how it reminds me of when I was in Hawaii, oh how I miss that place!

all images courtesy of

Hello Summer, please will you stay a while?!

Love, Jen x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Pandora Bracelet!

Hi girlies! I wanted to do a post on my Pandora bracelet, as it is my favourite piece of jewellery and all the charms have a different story and meaning attached to them! 

Robert bought me the bracelet and 4 charms to start me off for my 19th Birthday and my collection has carried on from there! Robert has actually bought all the charms for me, which I think is nice because its his gift to me that has been growing all through our relationship! Now i have 15 charms on my bracelet and they are all the sterling silver ones because the gold charms are sooo expensive and also because I don't really like wearing gold so it suits me fine!! Hehe. So here is my bracelet:

Murano glass - Flower - Swan - Bow spacer - Pink enamel flower - Horse - Dangly love heart - Bag - Dangly enamel heart - Cat on cushion - Red heart enamel - Flower spacer - Turtle - Pineapple - Murano glass

  • Robert bought me the Murano glass ones for Christmas, as I wanted to add some colour into my bracelet!
  • The flower was bought for Christmas.
  • The swan was bought last Christmas and I thought this was really sweet, because a swan is the symbol of everlasting love!! Awww, clever Robert!
  • Bow spacer was one of the first ones I got.
  • Robert bought me the pink enamel flower when he was in Valencia! 

  • The horse was one of the first ones again and I chose this one because I adore horses!
  • Dangly (I think I have just made this word up?!!) love heart given one Christmas.
  • I love bags and I got this when we were in Palma, as I needed to get a bag on my bracelet! This one has a pink stone in the centre unfortunately you can't see it!
  • The dangly enamel heart was the first one I chose when he bought me the bracelet, it has the Pandora sign within it and I liked it because it was pink!
  • Now the cat on the cushion I wanted since it came out, which I think was around Christmas 2010 (unsure exactly when), Robert was going to get me it as part of my 21st birthday, but that all changed when he bought me my kittens instead! I was desperate for it and he finally got it for me last Christmas. The reason I wanted it so much was because, it would be my little Jess (my old cat) on my bracelet, so therefore it is one of my most precious charms! 

  • The red love heart ball was given to me at Christmas.
  • Again the flower spacer was among the first 4 I got.
  • The turtle I got when we were in Hawaii and we actually saw some wild Green Sea Turtles in the sea when we were on the Submarine!
  • The pineapple was a gift completely out of the blue! He knew I wanted it and as I always eat pineapple (I loveee it!!) he got me it as a surprise.
  • Murano glass ones were given at Christmas!
I do love my bracelet a lot and I'm glad i still have space on it to add more!! I have went for a pink theme (don't know if you noticed, haha I love pink!!) on my bracelet. There a re quite a lot of copycats of this kind of bracelet, but I think its more special if its a proper one. When I told Robert I wanted one of these bracelets I had been swithering on whether to get a Thomas Sabo bracelet or one of these. I chose Pandora because I thought that having all the dangly charms of Thomas Sabo's around my wrist would irritate my skin and Pandora charms are actually part of the bracelet (if you get what I mean!), so they wouldn't do this. I have noticed the prices increase for Pandora charms, but it depends on whether you just get a normal silver charm or one with enamel or stones in them, as to how much you pay.I definitely think though that Pandora is a very good make and is well worth the money, as my bracelet and all its charms still look brand new!

Do any of you have Pandora bracelets, if so what is your favourite charm?

Love, Jen x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Beauty Haul!

Hi Girls!

So I have got a beauty haul for you! There were a couple of deals on that I just couldn't resist!! I got the 3 for 2 on make up items in Superdrug. Also in The Body Shop, if you bought two beauty items you got a mascara worth £10 free! I think both of these are great promotions and the 3 for 2 in Superdrug is on regularly.

So in Superdrug, I bought a large Batiste dry shampoo in tropical, which was £2.39 (bargain!). I absolute love dry shampoo and I use it a lot, I think it does the job very well, adds volume to your hair and I just LOVE the smell of the tropical one!! 

Then for the 3 for 2 I bought Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters in Cotton Candy and Sweet Tart. I love the way they feel on your lips and glides on really well. Below does not do them justice!! Sweet Tart is a proper hot pink colour and Cotton Candy is a real baby pink with a shimmer through it. The lip butters are 7.99 each, but I feel they are worth that price, as they are so fab!
Cotton Candy - Sweet Tart

The item I got for free was a Rimmel London Professional Finish in Aqua Cool (it would have been £4.59). I love the colour of this and it reminds me of a light denim colour. I have had a couple of this type of nail polish and they apply really well as it has an extra large brush. The nail polish lasts a long time as well, it does say it can last up to 10 days, it doesn't last this long for me, but might for you!

Ok so now onto what I bought in The Body Shop. I bought an Eyeshadow Blender Brush, I do have a couple of the Body Shops brushes and I really like them and I did actually need one of these! The brush was £9, which I think is reasonable for a good brush!

Baked Eyeshadow in Sapphire, which was £10. I absolutely love these colours and they feel so soft to touch and actually slighty creamy. As they are a baked eyeshadow you can use them wet as well as dry. They are really pigmented and the lighter blue is just gorgeous. The darker blue has some light blue sparkle through it and it would look great as an eyeliner or they would both do a great smoky eye!
Flash off
 Flash on

I also bought one of the Shimmer cubes, where you get four different colours of eyeshadow and are £16. I went for the browny palette, which is called 06 Warm. I chose this one because I actually have no brown natural eyeshadows! So I really needed and wanted some! I love all for of the colours and you could create a really amazing smoky eye effect or go really natural, also as it has shimmer you could definitely wear it at night as well as day! I shall do post after I have used them to show you what they are like on! Sorry about the quality of the photo below, it doesn't show the shimmer to the colours. The names of them are amazing though!!
Honeycomb - Dark Choclate - Choc Chip - Marshmallow

As I had bought two make up items, I got to choose a £10 mascara for free! I think the one I picked is their newest type and is called Big and Curvy mascara and I got it in black. It has a tapered brush that has small bristles. I haven't tried it yet so I will let you know how I get on! I have never tried one of their mascaras before, as I always use Maybelline mascaras (they are my love!!), So we shall see!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these make up items? How did you get on with them?

Love, Jen x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cat Kisses!

Hi girlies! 

I just thought I would put up this really cute wee video of my two gorgeous wee cats! They are lying on my bed giving each other lots of kisses! Its just too cute! They are sisters, so it just must be family love! Haha they are not "in love" with each other! Love wee Alice and Flo soo much! They are like my wee babies! Alice is the black one and Flo is the tabby and white one by the way. Oh and you might also hear my dad "miaow" in the background! He is such a random, but very funny! Hehe :D enjoy!

Love, Jen x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

What's in my Bag?!

Hi girls! I always like reading these kinds of posts, so I thought I should do one too!I just got my bag a week ago and bought it online, as I never saw this colour in any shops! It's the Paul's Boutique Holly bag, in gunmetal grey. I have always quite liked Paul's Boutique bags (this is my 4th and a purse!!) and I know they have a quite bad name now just for the kind people who buy them, but I still like them (and I am also not one of those type of people! Haha). I also love the  fabric in the inside of Paul's Boutique bags, it makes it so much easier to see what's in your bag if the material inside has a pattern on it! Shows the quality, I guess, check the leopard print!! So just to let you know I have not taken anything out of my bag. I'm kinda really tidy anyway, so I don't usually leave like old receipts or anything like that in my bag anyway! Just in case your wondering why its so tidy! I would say my bag is very practical and has everything I would need during the day!

Ok so the main reason I liked this bag was for the size and the three different compartments within the bag, which means I can always find where something is, as I know what compartment I put it in!! Haha. So I will take things out from each compartment at a time! :)

Ok so in the back compartment, I have a Diary from Accessorize (that I use everyday, just to note down my working hours etc) and my purse from Fossil (which I love as it has a compartment for coins and then another place for notes and your cards!). This part also has a secret zipped compartment, which has a mirror I got in Hawaii (aloha!!), my microgynon pill (can't be having babies just now!) and then I have two tampons! Haha maybe not the most glamourous thing to have in your bag and nobody seems to have them in their bags! Surely they must though and just keep them a secret! Haha maybe I'm too truthful!

Ok so in the large middle zipped compartment I have a pen, a nail file that I also got in Hawaii, my 8gb memory stick, a hair clip from Accessorize, keys for the shutters at my office and a small tub that I fill with my Diprobase cream, that I use for my skin if it gets dry during the day!

In the front compartment I have a bottle of water, a packet of tissues, my phone (a HTC Chacha, which is ok, but not great), a packet of the new mentos chewing gum (which is so scrummy), a cinema ticket (I went to see The Dictator film last night, funny but not as good as Borat or Bruno!), my camera is kept in this space too (which is a pink Canon IXUS105), but for obvious reasons it is just my wee camera case here and then my keys, which has my car key, the office keys, a keyring I bought in Hawaii, another keyring from Accessorize and then a cat keyring (unsure of where it came from, I've had it for years and got it as a gift!) and then my house keys!

So that is my bag and its contents! I think my bag is a great size for all my needs and feels quite empty even with all this stuff in it! Let me know if you have done a post like this, as I love to have a nosy!! Hehe

Love, Jen x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Madrid Adventure!

Hi girls! 

So the day we were to go to Madrid, quite a lot happened!! I woke up with the worst headache ever and knew straight away that it was sinusitis, that I had previously suffered (as I never ever get headaches except when this has occurred around 3 times!). Also as it was a bank holiday, my doctor surgery was not open! So I had to go to the out of hours clinic at the hospital! We were worried in case there was going to be a big queue but there were only 2 other people there, so I was seen very quickly. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and also said that my head would be very sore on the plane, obviously due to the pressure in the cabin, so I wasn't looking forward to the flight!! When I got home, the doctor told me to take two pills to get the antibiotics working. Stupidly, i never ate anything before them.... Silly me!!! I ended up with my head down the toilet, and I hate feeling sick and also I'm terrified of being sick! Luckily I wasn't sick though and the sickness faded and I quickly went and ate some food, before it decided to come back!! I still had to pack my case.... I know again silly me, but it doesn't take me long and we were only going for 3 nights any way! 

Robert came to pick me up, in probably not the state he was expecting!! Haha. However before the airport we had to make the 3 hour journey from Glasgow to Manchester first!! Usually you would go from Edinburgh to Madrid, as there are no flights from Glasgow, but this was very expensive. So he decided that we would get the plane from Manchester! Its ok though because Robert and I love long drives and adventures in the car, so this was nothing for us! After having a wee sleep in the car on the way down we stopped off at my most favouritest place ever, the Trafford Centre!!! It is honestly like Disneyland for shops!! I lurvee it!! We had a wee walk around as we didn't have too much time and got our Euro's too. Our flight was at 6.45pm (or round about then!), so we got into Madrid quite late! My head was actually ok on the plane, so that was good!

We ended up getting a taxi to our hotel, as we were tired after a hectic day!! Our hotel was just off Puerta del Sol, which is right in the middle of the city, so it was a great location! We were there from the 6th to the 9th of April, so it wasn't short and t-shirt weather! It was quite cold on the Saturday (which was my birthday!) and we ended up going on the tour bus (which was good) and travelling up towards the Bernabeu Stadium, for the Real Madrid Stadium tour. Now I didn't mind doing this as I knew how much Robert wanted to go! I also like doing this kind of thing too even though I'm not into football at all! So we went round the museum and then you were allowed to go out to the stadium, which was actually really impressive! I was quite excited that we were to come back the next day and come and watch a game of football! After the tour ended, we got back on the tour bus and headed back down to the centre. Before dinner we had a walk all around the centre of Madrid and saw the Palace, which is beautiful! As it was my birthday I ended up deciding that we were to go to the Hard Rock cafe for our dinner! So we took our first ride on the Madrid subway, it was actually really bright and spacious, nothing like New York or London, so that was good. We got there at half 9 and they told us we would have to wait an hour and a half!! It was super busy! So we ended up going round the corner first to a Haagen Daz ice cream shop and I had a waffle and ice cream while Robert had an ice cream sundae! Hehe dessert before dinner!! It was yummy too! So we went back to the hard Rock cafe after our dessert and went to the bar and we got one of the huge hurricane cocktails each!! I got a strawberry daiquiri, which was super yummy! So we eventually got our table at like quarter past 11... and there were still people waiting for there dinner!! I tell you that place must make a fortune!!! Hehe. 

Hooded Zipper - Abercrombie and Fitch
Scarf - River Island
Jeans - Hollister
Pumps - Accessorize

Sorry no make up (bad skin, boohoo!)

The next day was absolutely gorgeous! It was so sunny and warm, but still jeans and a cardigan weather. So we went for a walk around the huge big park. It was lovely and it has  a huge pond in the middle, that you can take a boat out and row around it! The queue was super long so we didn't wait, but it was so lovely! I was surprised because the people in the boats didn't have to wear life jackets, because they would make you wear one in Britain! It was good to see it so relaxed (like how it should be!!). So we had to leave there and start going up to the football, but we timed it so we could go to TGI Fridays first for our dinner, which is right beside the stadium! So we had a huge meal, which was yummy! We then went out into the crowds to find our seat! There was loads of police horse and I love seeing them adn let me tell you the Spanish Police have such beautiful horses!! Although one of them was smoking while on his horse, which  to be honest is not very good! When we found our seats we were actually the second row from the front, right at the corner pole!! I was really excited about sitting there actually because you could see the players really close up! 

Top - Hollister
Cardigan - River Island

So this was the reason we had came to Madrid, as I had bought Robert these football tickets for his Christmas. It was Real Madrid vs Valencia, so it was quite a good game and I knew Robert liked both these teams and he had always wanted to come to the Bernabeu! What we did find quite funny though was all the fans were eating sunflower seeds, now the were all still in there outer shells, so all you here all through the game was the clicking and crunching of these seeds!! I felt like I was surrounded by hamsters!! It was quite amusing! Hehe. The game ended nil - nil, so there were no goals to celebrate, but it was still a good game and Robert was happy, so thats what was important!! When we were leaving all underfoot was just all these outer shells of the sunflower seeds! The poor people who have to clean the stadium I felt so sorry for them!! 

I have no idea who this player is by the way!! Hehe

So the next day we got up and packed and left our hotel and decided we would go to Starbucks. I don't really like Spanish Starbucks now, it wasn't very nice (sad face), so then we ended up going to Mcdonalds!! Haha, we then got on the subway to the airport, which was really easy. So after waiting at the airport for a while (I just read my Kindle and Robert went on one of the airport computers) we got on the plane and set off home! We got out of Manchester airport really quickly and got a little bus to the car park where we had parked the car (we took Robert's Focus). The plane landed at 6pm and we were leaving the car park at 6.25pm! Woo go Manchester airport!! Super speedy, and that was after us waiting for the bag to come off the plane! The drive home was quite good because it stayed light the whole way home and usually we drive the M74 in the dark, so it didn't feel quite so long in the light!! 

Hope you liked our adventure!!

Love, Jen x

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