Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eczema Troubles

Hi girls :)

I thought I would do a post on Eczema, as I suffer from this. Now if any of you don't know what it is, it is a skin problem and is an itchy inflammation of the skin, associated to a varying degree with other features such as redness of affected areas of skin and generally dry skin, which is often thickened in the areas that have been scratched. There are obviously other features of Eczema, but these are the ones that I suffer from. 

Now unfortunately for me, the Eczema started when I was 18, before this I had great skin! I have absolutely no idea what caused it to start either, I guess my skin had been slightly sensitive, but the only thing that I could think of was when I had a bath and put a Lush bath bomb in it. It was when I got out the bath that my skin stung and was very dry and sore! Now I don't think that this was the only factor, but its the only thing that I can remember that might have caused it to begin, because after that my skin then started being really dry and itchy and my face would be really red. It was horrible at the start, especially the red face part! At times my skin would be fine and then it would be bad again, I had no way to control it or know when it was going to flare up!

When I started university in September 2008, my skin was fine and it wasn't until I stayed overnight at Robert's for the first time in October, that my skin went mad! He had let his dog stay in his bed the night before and unknown to him at the time I am actually allergic to dogs, cats and horses! So I had a night of crazy crazy scratching. In the morning my skin was red and bleeding, I was so sore. Then it turned out that I had gotten a skin infection. My skin was all infected and it looked like I had big spots all over my body and face (not actually acne spots though). I was actually nearly hospitalised because it was so bad, but I had to use really thick cream and steroid cream that made my skin yellow and had to have bandages put all over my body, cue looking like a mummy!! So it wasn't a nice couple of weeks at all, poor Robert felt so bad, but he did stay with me all through this horribleness so that was him stuck with me! Haha!

Anyway so the infection went away and my skin has not really been the same since. I have very dry skin and have to be very careful what I use on it. To be honest I think I could take better care of my skin, but I think since I have started reading blogs and starting my own one it makes me want to get my skin better. I don't think there is any cure though for eczema (sadly!!!), but just the general dryness of my skin makes it so annoying and I would love to wear make up all the time and feel pretty and most of the time I just cant, so I feel quite low about it all! I think also it is just will power too, because I know that I don't need to scratch, but sometimes my skin is so itchy and I will sit for ages just scratching at my arms or neck or even my face, knowing that I'm scratching but unable to stop. Willpower! My arms tend to get the brunt of my scratching, but my skin is affected on my face, neck, chest,shoulders, arms and hands. All the other areas are like normal skin, which  is so annoying! The thing is though if I start to scratch say my back then the Eczema will spread down to that area. It makes me feel very uncomfortable in my own skin and I always want to cover up! Also jewellery sometimes can annoy my skin, which is rubbish! My skin can be very sensitive at times as well as being dry and flaky, which is the part I hate the most!!

I have tried so many creams and steroids and I have also tried non medical ways as well, but it didn't really help me I don't think. What I feel will help me is changing my diet! Honestly me diet is absolutely appalling! Although there are reasons behind that. I really feel though is that drinking more water will help me a lot. I not really very good at drinking water, as I will always reach for something else first! So I am now trying to get my water drinking up! All I would love is just to have normal skin! I don't want Eczema anymore, it should go away and not come back!! Hehe, I wish.

Sorry if its been a bit of a ramble today, but I just thought that I would let you guys know that this is why in most of my pictures I don't wear any make up or don't look amazing! I will end with pictures of amazing looking skin! That I WANT!!!!
Wish I could wear a dress like this!
Have skin like this
Be able to wear a bikini and feel comfortable!
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Does anyone else have a little bit of Eczema, or know anyone else who has and if so then what helps you/them with their skin?

Love, Jen x


  1. As a kid I had it really bad on my arms and legs. Now it comes in teeny patches every now and then and sometimes one little patch under my left eye. It's very frustrating and I know what it's like trying to fight the urge to itch! What I tend to use on my patches is Bio Oil and I find it works wonders! Maybe you could give this a try?

    I'm useless at drinking water too even though I know it will improve my skin tone and occasion dry bits. It's just such a chore to drink!! xxx

    1. ooo I've never tried Bio oil before as I wasn't sure if I could use it on Eczema!! I might just give this a try as it might make some of the little eczema scars go away! hehe

      It is a complete nightmare to drink!! I always think it just tastes horrid!! hehe

      Thanks for the comment. I will let you know how it goes with the Bio oil!! Might just go buy some today :)

      Jen x

  2. I have had eczema since I was a baby! I was thinking of doing a post about it soon as I have been trying some new treatments recently so I will let you know when I post it,
    as soon as I have properly tried out the treatments to check they work! Look up this blog if you want some amazing advice on treating eczema, her tips have really helped me!
    Courtney xxx

    1. Hey thanks for that blog! I just had a quick look and it looks great!! I will definitely be coming and having a look when you do your post! Thats the thing it usually starts when u r a baby, but what I dont get is why it just all of a sudden happened to me!? I just thought it was rather weird! Hehe

      Thanks for the coment :) I will definitely be reading that blog!

      Jen x

    2. Thanks Courtney for the shout out :) I'm like Courtney in that I've had eczema since birth. Doctors connected my eczema to allergies. I've been where you are as a child it's horrid. My skin cleared up when my diet changed but I did start to suffer again in adulthood. I linked mine back to skincare I was using. I honestly believe if you can cut out synthetic ingredients, you skin is able to breathe & heal. I'm able to control things again and suffer less eczema breakouts. Feel free to email if you want a moan or recommendations if the blog doesn't answer your questions. You are right there is no cure but I think it's possible to manage the situation.

    3. Yea thats what i need to be able to do. I want to be able to control it, but I have no idea when its going to be good or bad! I just need a routine and I will definitely be having a look at the ingredients!

      Thanks for that :) xxx

  3. Ive had eczema my entire life so I feel your pain! My eczema was really bad growing up to the point that I hated wearing any type of clothing that would show my skin. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin!

    But the last couple of years, I've found a system that seems to work for me. I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion all over every day, especially when I get out of the shower. And for my problem areas where my eczema tends to flare up, I use Dermarest Eczema twice a day. And on top of that, I drink tons of water! My eczema will never go away, but being religious about my skin care routine has helped to keep my eczema at bay and has helped me to love the look of my skin!

    Props to you for posting about such a sensitive issue! Let me know if you have any questions :)

    1. Hey! yea i hate showing my skin as I feel really uncomfortable! I need to get a routine and i think thats why I dont know when its going to be bad or not! although the hardest thing for me is trying not to scratch!! Thats great that you love your skin now!! I think I'm still learning about all this stuff cos I will have only had it for 4 years and its been a bit of a rollercoaster journey!!

      Thanks for your comment :) means a lot!


  4. Oh, I'm so sorry you had and have to go through this! :/ I have bad skin and at some point doctors thought it was psoriasis, but I am doing much better now. Keep trying with different doctors, sometimes there's this one who's able to tackle the problem right. Eating healthily sure helps, too, as well as drinking water. Do you not drink water because you don't like it or just because you're not thirsty? Try to drink even when you don't feel like it. And if you don't like water, try iced tea or powder juice.

    Hope it gets better! ;)

    1. Hye :) yea i really need to start eating healthy and it will be so much easier when i have my own flat! the thing with water is that i dont really like it and also i think my body forgets to tell my brain that its thirsty! haha like i need to remember that even if i dont feel thirsty i probably am! and yea we dont get powder juice over here but i think that like diluting juice? well if it is then over here it comes in liquid form and we just add it to water lol!

      Thanks for all your lovely comments :) xxxx


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