Monday, 7 May 2012

Meet the Cats!!!

Hiya guys!

So I really wanted to do a post on my little babies!! My cats mean the absolute world to me and I love them to pieces! Just now I have two 1 year old sisters, but they are totally different to eachother in looks and personality!

Firstly though I just wanted to mention my absolute princess Jess, who I mentioned in my last post. I got her from the Cat Protection when she was 12 weeks old, which is a charity for cats! She died on the 5th of February 2011. She had a really rare form of anaemia, which made her so weak, and she died at the age of 7 which is really young for a cat. It was terrible because the vet didn't actually tell me that she could die, even though she really did look very very poorly. I spent so much money at the vets trying to get her better and I would have paid anything at all to get her better, but unfortuantely she lost the fight. It was horrible as well because the day she died I was at work, I will always remember the last time I saw her and she was just lying in her bed watching me go down the stairs and I remember saying to her to hang in there and I will see her soon and she just looked at me and gave me a wee quiet miaow and at the time I just thought awww wee pet, but the next day I thought about it and I knew that she was saying goodbye to me.

When I got home from work I saw her travel box in the hall, which is not normally there, so I knew that something was wrong. I ran into the living room and screamed "where is she?!" because I think i kind of knew already. My mum and dad told me that she had died. My dad had got home and Jess had been sick and done the toilet in her bed and miaowed at my dad and he knew that he needed to get her to the vet. He went to the emergency vet in the city centre and all the way there he could here her moving and breathing, but when he got to the vets I think she had just given up the fight. I was absolutely devasted, honestly that wee cat was my complete world and I couldn't have imagined her not being there anymore. Jess was always following me about, sleeping with me and she was just my baby!! I stayed awake that whole night, I didn't want to sleep, because then it would be the next day and it would kind of be more real as to what  had happened. She wasn't well for a couple of months so I guess that her time had come and she couldn't fight it any more. Here are some photos of her!

Ok so I just had to put pictures up of Jess because she will always be my little precious princess and I have her ashes on my desk and I will take her with me when I move out. It may seem strange, but I feel like I have to! I will move on now to the girls that I have now though! I got Flo and Alice about two months after Jess died and I had to get two because one would not have filled the space that Jess left!! 

So Alice is exactly like what her mum was like, she is a slender all black cat. She likes night time cuddles, loves catching flies and watching birds from the window and cackling at them!! Hehe if you have a cat you will know what I mean!! Flo is a chunky tabby and white cat! She adores her food, morning cuddles and sleeping in the sun! The cats don't go outside as yet because I'm moving out from my parents soon and I don't want them to be used to going out and then not being able to go out when I move!  I do however take them out on a lead!! You may think this is mad and but they do enjoy a walk around the garden sniffing around and they walk really well in their harnesses!!I will put some pictures below!

Cute wee kittens!!

On their leads :)

In their beds!!

Catching a fly!

So there you go! I would love to get another wee kitten! But I'm not sure if three is too much!? Hehe hope you liked my little babies!!

Love, Jen x


  1. Awe, Jen, I'm so sorry about Jess! :( I LOVE cats, too! I remember how hard it was to get over Sophie's death :(. She was almost 20 years old and was my buddy for so long. With my sister think it was almost as hard as losing our mother; I know I shouldn't be saying such a thing, but we had gotten really attached to her.

    I thought I was never going to adopt another cat ever again, but a couple of months after she passed, I went to a shelter and adopted Dimitri :D! I love him SO much I brought him to the States with me when I moved :p. He's also super special because he's the last cat I've owned and will own that my mom got to know.

    I'm glad you got Alice and Flo, they're adorable!!! And I used a leash to introduce Dimitri to the outside world in California, hehe.

    Hope you're having a great day! ;D


    1. Awww! Thank you for such a lovely message!! Yea Jess was my little princess and I always said that if Jess died it would be the worst thing to happen ever in my life and I do honestly think it was and it will be for a very long time! So i know exactly how u feel about Sophie!

      Yea i never thought i could get another cat because i thought it would hurt Jess's feelings (as strange as that sounds! lol) but im really glad i got Alice and Flo because they r great! :)

      Follow me also!! hehe

      Jen xxx


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