Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Madrid Adventure!

Hi girls! 

So the day we were to go to Madrid, quite a lot happened!! I woke up with the worst headache ever and knew straight away that it was sinusitis, that I had previously suffered (as I never ever get headaches except when this has occurred around 3 times!). Also as it was a bank holiday, my doctor surgery was not open! So I had to go to the out of hours clinic at the hospital! We were worried in case there was going to be a big queue but there were only 2 other people there, so I was seen very quickly. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and also said that my head would be very sore on the plane, obviously due to the pressure in the cabin, so I wasn't looking forward to the flight!! When I got home, the doctor told me to take two pills to get the antibiotics working. Stupidly, i never ate anything before them.... Silly me!!! I ended up with my head down the toilet, and I hate feeling sick and also I'm terrified of being sick! Luckily I wasn't sick though and the sickness faded and I quickly went and ate some food, before it decided to come back!! I still had to pack my case.... I know again silly me, but it doesn't take me long and we were only going for 3 nights any way! 

Robert came to pick me up, in probably not the state he was expecting!! Haha. However before the airport we had to make the 3 hour journey from Glasgow to Manchester first!! Usually you would go from Edinburgh to Madrid, as there are no flights from Glasgow, but this was very expensive. So he decided that we would get the plane from Manchester! Its ok though because Robert and I love long drives and adventures in the car, so this was nothing for us! After having a wee sleep in the car on the way down we stopped off at my most favouritest place ever, the Trafford Centre!!! It is honestly like Disneyland for shops!! I lurvee it!! We had a wee walk around as we didn't have too much time and got our Euro's too. Our flight was at 6.45pm (or round about then!), so we got into Madrid quite late! My head was actually ok on the plane, so that was good!

We ended up getting a taxi to our hotel, as we were tired after a hectic day!! Our hotel was just off Puerta del Sol, which is right in the middle of the city, so it was a great location! We were there from the 6th to the 9th of April, so it wasn't short and t-shirt weather! It was quite cold on the Saturday (which was my birthday!) and we ended up going on the tour bus (which was good) and travelling up towards the Bernabeu Stadium, for the Real Madrid Stadium tour. Now I didn't mind doing this as I knew how much Robert wanted to go! I also like doing this kind of thing too even though I'm not into football at all! So we went round the museum and then you were allowed to go out to the stadium, which was actually really impressive! I was quite excited that we were to come back the next day and come and watch a game of football! After the tour ended, we got back on the tour bus and headed back down to the centre. Before dinner we had a walk all around the centre of Madrid and saw the Palace, which is beautiful! As it was my birthday I ended up deciding that we were to go to the Hard Rock cafe for our dinner! So we took our first ride on the Madrid subway, it was actually really bright and spacious, nothing like New York or London, so that was good. We got there at half 9 and they told us we would have to wait an hour and a half!! It was super busy! So we ended up going round the corner first to a Haagen Daz ice cream shop and I had a waffle and ice cream while Robert had an ice cream sundae! Hehe dessert before dinner!! It was yummy too! So we went back to the hard Rock cafe after our dessert and went to the bar and we got one of the huge hurricane cocktails each!! I got a strawberry daiquiri, which was super yummy! So we eventually got our table at like quarter past 11... and there were still people waiting for there dinner!! I tell you that place must make a fortune!!! Hehe. 

Hooded Zipper - Abercrombie and Fitch
Scarf - River Island
Jeans - Hollister
Pumps - Accessorize

Sorry no make up (bad skin, boohoo!)

The next day was absolutely gorgeous! It was so sunny and warm, but still jeans and a cardigan weather. So we went for a walk around the huge big park. It was lovely and it has  a huge pond in the middle, that you can take a boat out and row around it! The queue was super long so we didn't wait, but it was so lovely! I was surprised because the people in the boats didn't have to wear life jackets, because they would make you wear one in Britain! It was good to see it so relaxed (like how it should be!!). So we had to leave there and start going up to the football, but we timed it so we could go to TGI Fridays first for our dinner, which is right beside the stadium! So we had a huge meal, which was yummy! We then went out into the crowds to find our seat! There was loads of police horse and I love seeing them adn let me tell you the Spanish Police have such beautiful horses!! Although one of them was smoking while on his horse, which  to be honest is not very good! When we found our seats we were actually the second row from the front, right at the corner pole!! I was really excited about sitting there actually because you could see the players really close up! 

Top - Hollister
Cardigan - River Island

So this was the reason we had came to Madrid, as I had bought Robert these football tickets for his Christmas. It was Real Madrid vs Valencia, so it was quite a good game and I knew Robert liked both these teams and he had always wanted to come to the Bernabeu! What we did find quite funny though was all the fans were eating sunflower seeds, now the were all still in there outer shells, so all you here all through the game was the clicking and crunching of these seeds!! I felt like I was surrounded by hamsters!! It was quite amusing! Hehe. The game ended nil - nil, so there were no goals to celebrate, but it was still a good game and Robert was happy, so thats what was important!! When we were leaving all underfoot was just all these outer shells of the sunflower seeds! The poor people who have to clean the stadium I felt so sorry for them!! 

I have no idea who this player is by the way!! Hehe

So the next day we got up and packed and left our hotel and decided we would go to Starbucks. I don't really like Spanish Starbucks now, it wasn't very nice (sad face), so then we ended up going to Mcdonalds!! Haha, we then got on the subway to the airport, which was really easy. So after waiting at the airport for a while (I just read my Kindle and Robert went on one of the airport computers) we got on the plane and set off home! We got out of Manchester airport really quickly and got a little bus to the car park where we had parked the car (we took Robert's Focus). The plane landed at 6pm and we were leaving the car park at 6.25pm! Woo go Manchester airport!! Super speedy, and that was after us waiting for the bag to come off the plane! The drive home was quite good because it stayed light the whole way home and usually we drive the M74 in the dark, so it didn't feel quite so long in the light!! 

Hope you liked our adventure!!

Love, Jen x


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! My parents live in Madrid - its one of my favourite places! I really enjoyed the stadium tour surprisingly as I dont really love football either! (I went for my boyfriend too!). Sounds like you has a great time - Lovely pictures too! x

    1. Aww thank you!! Yea it was a pretty long post!!! Its a really beautiful city :) I did have a great time thank u! xxx

  2. I love Madrid, only been once, but thought it was a lovely city, beautiful and great fro shopping :D


    1. Yea I thought the city was gorgeous! and i loved he park the best, we had a really sunny day for it too!! :) thanks for the comment and following me!

      Jen xx

  3. wow this is great hope you enjoyed yourself!


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