Sunday, 30 June 2013

Snap 29: A Stop Off At The Trafford Centre

Hi girls!

A very fun stop indeed. While travelling down to Silverstone! There will be a little haul (only bought 3 things), but some very exciting goodies to tell you about! I don't know why I have such a fascination with the Trafford Centre, I always think of it as being the Disneyland of shopping centres, so maybe it is something to do with that! 

I hope you girls did something fun this weekend! I will tell you what I got up to today (Sunday) tomorrow!


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Snap 27 & 28: Two Gloomy Days

Hi girls!

Where to start... The weather. In Glasgow the rain has not stopped, not once! Where has summer gone?!

Second of all a director of the restoration company I work for passed away very suddenly following a massive stroke on Wednesday. Something I haven't told you before about the company is that it is a family business, well including two families. One of them is my family and my dad is a director and sadly the other director Willie is now gone, he was turning 60 this year. It has been such a huge shock, for everyone right down to the apprentices and labourers we employ. Obviously at the moment all the pressure is resting on my dad, which also makes me even more worried and affected by what has happened. I am also quite close to Helen (Willie's wife) who does all the accounts for the company. 

So it has been a couple of gloomy days at Its a Blondes Life, which is why I have been absent for the last couple of days! However this weekend will hopefully be good, as Robert and I are away to the Formula One at Silverstone! So that should cheer is up! Hope you girls have had a better day than me! 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Snap 26: A Video?

Hi girl!

This may be cheating... instead of a photo, I have a video to share with you! I took this at the  Capital Summertime Ball when Labrinth was on stage. I have loved Labrinth since his first song, which is an absolutely awesome song called Let The Sun Shine (I'm sure you have all heard it). When he sang that song, it was amazing, but not as good as when he played his final song; Earthquake. The whole place just erupted, it was crazy. However, I don't think the video reflects just how crazy and loud the place was, but it was so good, I just had to share the moment with you girls! Here it is!

Hope you enjoyed! I'm actually surprised that you cannot hear me singing along at the top of my voice!! Labrinth is definitely one of my favourite artists just now. Anything he comes out with, I know I will just love! Oh and a little fact for you about the song, when he sings "hey Simon", its actually aimed at Simon Cowell, because he is the man that discovered Labrinths talent! How cool is that!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Snap 25: Kittens!

Hi girls!

On Saturday, I showed you a lazy afternoon photo. I thought I would show you another photo of the lazy cats, except when they were slightly smaller, just a teeny bit cuter and a bit more fluffy! When I saw this photo, I found it hilarious that Flo was using her sister as a pillow back then and today its the other way around! Try not to get too excited girls, although every time I see a kitten photo I let out a "squeeeee". They grow up so fast.. I wish they would stay like this for even just a little bit longer!

Just too cute!!! I hope you girls are all well! Oh and if anyone has cute kitten photos, I would love to see them!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Snap 24:Disney Dreaming

Hi girls!

Most of you know by now, that I am a huge Disney fan! After being in the Disneyland Resort in California in March. I am now desperate to go back to Walt Disney World in Florida! I went there when I was 7 and my how the parks have  changed sine 1997! I have become strangely addicted to reading about Disney and Universal theme parks in Florida through forums. Desperate to know what new rides they are going to build etc. I have always loved looking at maps too and trying to visualise what they could turn a space into! Strange, but true! 

I took this photo in Toon Town in the Disneyland Park. Robert and I had such a good time there! I am hoping to get a trip to Florida in October 2014... Maybe. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Snap 23: The Study

Hi girls!

A couple of weeks ago I told you girls that I took a trip to Ikea to get some furniture for my dads new study! Well here is the finished (nearly!) room!

And yes he has filled up the bookshelf already! And yes that is beer bottles in the glass cabinet, he has loads of old beer bottles (unopened)! He collects strange things, hehe! We need to get a new door for between his office and the porch, which leads to the back door! I like the dark grey wood effect of all the furniture. The floor and walls go well with it! He just needs to get a computer and then put some painting up on the walls and its done! 

My dad is also using this room as a place for him to paint. He has an easel propped up, which you can't see in the photo. He is a great artist! This is the reason the walls are an ivory colour, as he wants as much light in the room as possible for when he is painting. Even thought the furniture is quite dark, the room is still really bright.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Snap 22: A Lazy Afternoon

Hi girls!

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday! I had a very relaxing morning and early afternoon (before I had to go to work!)! I love it when I can just chill out with my girls, who both come and join in, as laziness (and sleeping of course) is what they are best at!

I love this photo so much! My two little girlies totally chilled out enjoying the warmth from the sun coming in the window. I find it hilarious that Alice is using Flo as a pillow for two of her legs!! I can't believe how fast this 30 Day Snap has gone! We are nearly in the last week!! 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Snap 21: A Yummy Lunch!

Hi girls! 

It has been such a lovely day today and I had quite a summery lunch to go with it! Here is what I had:

The Diet Coke has a big significance in this photo! Dean is my second name, so funny when I picked it up! I have now found two Jen's and one Dean! Hehe! I had a really yummy fruit salad, which contains strawberry, melon, pineapple and mango. It also has a raspberry and rhubarb drizzle to go with it! M&S has called it a fruit "slaw", as the melon and mango are shredded p inside. Its so yummy, they also do another combination of this too! Obviously I had to pick up a bag of Phizzy Pig Tails! If you haven't tried them, its a must!

Have you girls had anything nice to eat today? 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Snap 20: 300th Post!

Hi girls! 

My 300th post!! Wow, never thought I would make it here! After a year and 2 months blogging, I have already reached this point! Although, not much in the way of celebrating going on. I am cosy in bed watching Gossip Girl! The perfect way to end a day! After taking a break watching the show, I am now right back in the swing of things and loving the show once again! I am halfway in to the 4th series!

What have you girls been up to today?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Snap 19: Out For Dinner

Hi girls!

I'm just back from a trip to Nando's with friends. On of my friends is back visiting from Australia (living out there for now) and I hadn't seen her for just under a year! So as soon as she got back we organised a little reunion. It was amazing to have her back! Just thought I would show you my make up for the day!

Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish
Foundation - No 7 Intelligent Colour
Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection
Powder - Soap & Glory One Heck Of a Blot
Blusher - Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface
Highlighter - MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle
Under Eye Concealer  Garnier Anti Dark Circles
Eye Brows - Benefit Brow Zings
Eye Shadow - MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque
Brow bone Highlight - Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette in Bootycall
Mascara - Maybelline One By One Volume Express
Lipstick - Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade

And that was my look for a casual dinner during a lovely sunny day!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Snap 18: Nails Of The Day

Hi girls! 

For the 30 day snap today I have a NOTD! My first proper go at nail art, yup I am wayyy behind on that trend!! I love the colors of the nail polishes I have used! The pink is an OPI polish called Suzi's Hungary Again!, the speckled effect is called Butterfly from Accessorize and the lilac is another OPI called You're Such a Budapest.

It was quite fun to do actually! I will definitely be trying out more designs and using different colours! The two OPI polishes came from a set called Euro Centrale collection, in case you girls are wondering! So this was the most interesting thing I did today! What did you girls do today? Are you taking part in Sprinkle of Glitter's challenge?

Snap 17: Robert Reminiscing...

Hi girls!

For the past two years June is the time we have booked our America trips for the start of the following year. Sadly, this year we are having to cope with withdrawal symptoms as we are wanting to buy a house this year! Robert is especially suffering, desperate to go to Chicago and Boston, which I would love to visit too. However we think we will need to skip booking a trip for 2014.

I love this photo of my amazing Robert when we had just got to Universal Studios in Hollywood, ready for our VIP Experience there. It was one of the best days of our trip!

He was standing in front of the huge Universal Globe and as we had got there so early we were the only people about! It was such a gorgeous day too, absolute bliss! 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Snap 16: Father's Day!

Hi girls!

Today has been Father's Day! I snapped this cute shot of my awesome dad holding my little Alice. My dad is the only person who can lift Alice up without her scratching your eyes out to get away. I thought this was a great photo for today to celebrate my dad! He was definitely the person I got my cat loving (and animal loving) genes from!

It is his Birthday tomorrow too, which means sometimes Father's Day and his Birthday are the same day! My dad is definitely the person I am closest to besides Robert and is also a best friend! I am so lucky to have a dad like him! Love you so much Dad!

Have you girls done anything for Father's day?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Snap 15: My MAC Collection!

Hi girls!

So today for the 30 Day Snap, I thought I would show you my MAC collection. I have got six items from MAC, which will be a very small amount for some of you, but for now I am content with my little bundle! Its also a good amount to talk about in this post!

Starting with the MAC eye shadow in Satellite Dreams. This is a veluxe pearl shade, which gives this colour a huge sheen when applied. It is super pretty when applied and almost has a duo-chrome effect with deep purple on one hand and a very light sheeny lilac on the other! I highly recommend it for those of you who adventure into colour on your eyes!

Next is the first MAC lipstick I bought in Angel, which is one of MAC's most popular shades. It
 is a great colour and one that would work well with all skin tones. Angel is such an easy color to wear, as it is a frost finish, which means its great to apply and gives a gorgeous low key sheen on the lips.

My most recent MAC purchase was the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation.I am the colour NC20, which is a good match for me and also helps to calm the redness too. Its very light on the skin and can give up to a medium coverage.

One of MAC's most famous pieces of make up; MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. I love (and I mean looovvvveeee!) this. The best powder highlighter on the market, it is amazing! It applies so easily and gives a gorgeous shimmery highlight wherever you place it. I highly recommend it to anyone who has not had a chance to try it yet!

My first ever MAC buy was a MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque! For an rose gold lovers, this is a must! Also for anyone with blue/grey eyes this is also a must, as the pinky/orange gold makes your eye colour pop! Looks gorgeous by itself on the eye for a wash of colour, or can be used for a full on make up look!! It is so creamy and easy to use!

Lastly is another MAC LIpstick! This one is in Pink Pearl Pop! I love this lipstick, which is a cremesheen finish and is a really bright corally pink. It feels really light on the lips and as it is a cremesheen, it applies quite sheer in colour, but can be built up to a proper wow colour! I love it!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my MAC make up! Have you tried any of these? Or seen any you want to try? Also what is your favourite MAC product!? What should I try next?

Friday, 14 June 2013

Snap 14: Jungle Flo

Hi girls! 

Little Flo joined me in the kitchen today for a little sit down. I was at the breakfast bar and Flo was on the window sill.... Sitting along side my mum's dinosaur plant, sticking her head through it to see out the window! Along with the plant and its shadow, she looks like shes among lots of bushes and is exploring through her own little imaginary jungle! I thought it made such a cute photo that I had to take a snap (or 20!) of it! 

Are you a cat lover like me? I know Sprinkle of Glitter is! I hope you get a pretty new kitty(ies) soon! 

Capital Summertime Ball!

So on Sunday I was at the Capital Summertime Ball in Wembley Stadium!! Can I just say... It was amazing!! I had wanted to go to the ball last year, but ended up not geting tickets! So this year it was a must! The line up was amazing!!

We got the London Underground from our hotel, which took around half an hour. It was then a 10 minute walk up to Wembley Stadium. We had standing tickets, which meant we were on the pitch! We got into Wembley at 20 to 4, so we didn't have to wait in any queues to get in. We were not to fussed about getting near the front, we were just happy to be there and have fun, enjoying the music! It started at 4pm and went on until 10.30pm, an hour longer than scheduled! Hehe. The line up was as follows:
The Wanted

Ellie Goulding
Alluna George


He was amazing!!!


It was the first time he had done Gangnam Style live in the UK!

Rizzle Kicks
They were on one of the little stages right beside us!

Naughty Boy
James Arthur
Lovable Rogues
Charlie Brown

The Saturdays

Olly Murs

Duke Dumont
Union J

Jessie J

Will I Am

Justin Timberlake

Taylor Swift

With Ed Sheeran!

Robbie Williams

So yea... We got to see some huge names! When I am at things like this, I am constantly dancing about, singing and cheering. Basically I go into hyper mode, who knows where the energy come from! Here was me on the day! Hehe!!
Lipstick - Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya

Told you... Hyper!
The crop top and high waisted jeggings I showed you in my last haul!

I had an awesome time there!! Along with 80,000 other people! My favourites were Labrinth, Psy, Will I Am (he did an awesome set!!) and Justin Timberlake. When Ed Sheeran came on with Taylor swift it was such an amazing moment, everyone had their phone torches on and the stadium was literally glittering! It was magical. Now I really don't like Robbie Williams, but his new songs are garbage, but he did three of his great old songs and Angels was the last song of the night!! It was unbelievable, every single person in there was singing along! Were any of you girls there too?! 

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