Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The London Olympics 2012!

I cannot wait to go!!! I am super excited and its only a couple of days until I am down there! Woohoo! Robert was down at the weekend, as I said before to see the Bicycle Road Race and he said the atmosphere was amazing! It makes me really proud to be part of this country and makes me even more excited that I can be a part of it! The opening ceremony was just unbelievable when i got to watch it from the start. Everything I could think of that was British was in it and it sent shivers down my spine!! A huge achievement and I doubt it will be forgotten! Here are some images taken from weheartit.com that make me even more excited for the experience!

Haha! I loved Mr Bean in the opening ceremony!! He totally made it for me!! I toatally loved it when J K Rowling was speaking and then when Voldemort came out I was in complete shock!!! It was awesome that they had recreated him! When the cauldron was lit up and then it started to all come together that was just amazing!! 

I am so excited! Yay and do not worry, you will get to see all of what we got up to, as obviously I will be doing some posts on this adventure!! We are getting to go into the Olympic Park for the Hockey event on the Friday and then on the Saturday, I am just uber excited for the Show Jumping!!! I cannot wait to actually see it in real life and not through a television screen! Yay! 

Are any of you going to any events? Or have you already been to some?! Let me know!!

Love, Jen x

Monday, 30 July 2012

7 Things You Didn't Know About Me!

Hi Girls! I have seen a couple of these type of posts recently and thought I would join in, because I really like to read them! So I have decided to do 7 things, because it's my favourite number and I couldn't think of 10!!

1. I live in jeans. Seriously! Since the start of 2012, I have probably had jeans on for 90% of the days! This is probably very bad, but they are comfy and I like being comfy!! To prove this here is what I'm wearing today!
Hoodie - Topshop
Tshirt - River Island
Jeans - Hollister
Shoes - Accessorize

2. My bedroom is a mess. Yup and it really bugs me A LOT! I never have any time to properly tidy it up. So hopefully as I'm off work for this week I can get it sorted!!! I am normally super super tidy, but this mess has caught up on me. You will soon be gone mess and I will have my lovely tidy room back!

3. Ok this might be a little freaky, but my bedroom clock stopped working ages ago, I cannot remember when. It just needs new batteries, but I feel the time it stopped at is significant. It stopped at 9 minutes past 5 and this might be weird,  but I believe that this may have been the time at which my old cat Jess died at. I was at work, so I wasn't there for her. So I think this is her telling me what time it was at. You think I'm crazy..... But that cat was my complete world and it broke when she died. That's why I got all my hair cut and went short! If you want to read what happened to my Jess then click here! Any way here is my clock and also the print of my gorgeous girl above my desk taking care of me. 

4. I go to a pub quiz every Monday night with Robert and a couple of others and our team is great! We have won a lot and are always in the top three teams! It's a great quiz, and we need to win this week!!! Our team name is "Norfolk and Chance", do you get it? Say it quickly! Haha!

5. I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last night with Robert and it was completely AWESOME! You just have to see this film. I was blown away by it and I already want to watch it again. The best film I have seen in a very long by far!!! An amazing piece of writing and fantastic special effects!

6. I am an atheist and I really hope that this doesn't offend any one. I just don't believe there is a god, I completely agree with evolution and the Big Bang theory. I really hope this doesn't stop anyone following me, as everyone is entitled to believe what they want without being judged. If you like my posts, then it shouldn't matter whether I believe in a higher power or not! 

7. I would have a boob job, if I had the money! Hehe!! Mine are basically non existent, which is  rubbish because I have sticky out ribs and am really skinny, this makes me look as if I have two pairs of boobs!!! I think a boob job would make my body a more normal shape and would make me feel better about my body. Obviously i wouldn't get big ones as they would look weird on me, but just a little bit bigger! Robert would hate me to do this, which I guess is a good thing that he wouldn't want me to change. I would like just to have a little cleavage though!! Hehe

Ok 7 things done! Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have done one of these posts and I will have a read!

Love, Jen x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains Review

Hiya! I have  review for you today!!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains have again taken over the "lips" market just like the Revlon Lip Butters (of which I have 5!!). I bought two of the balm stains as I instantly fell in love with the idea of a moisturising balm  with plenty of colour! The colours I purchased are Darling and Rendezvous.

What Revlon say:

"It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lip stain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of colour that lasts hour after hour."

This basically does exactly what they say, well obviously! They really are so easy to use and I love the "chubby crayon". I know they have almost copied Clinique's version, but I have heard that these are in fact better, easier to use and obviously cheaper! There is no need for any sharpening as the product has a twisty bottom! Also when applying the product there is a scent of mint set across your lips, which I really like! The colour is also very pigmented and great to apply. It feels very silky on the lips and sinks in quickly. When I'm wearing it I feel as if my lips have nothing on them at all and don't feel dry or tight. Very good product, although I didn't find that they last very long. This doesn't matter to me, as I don't mind reapplying every so often!

Now onto the colours I chose! First up is Darling, which when first looked at can look quite scary, as its a very bright lilac! However, when I swatched it, it looked like a light blue toned pink, which is obviously good for making your teeth look good!! I really love the colour of this and it could be worn for everyday, as it is just a proper girly pink!

Now onto Rendezvous! This has got to be my favourite!! It is a really orangey coral! which is just sensational on the lips! Really brightens your make up. It also has a pinky sheen to it, which adds to the coral. This colour could also be worn during the day, but would probably be great for holiday!!

So yea I would definitely recommend going out and buying one of these!!! Absolutely brilliant product! Well done to Revlon again!! They are completely owning the lip product market at the moment!!! Let me know if you girlies have any and what colours you have!

Love, Jen x 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday's Letters #6

It's Friday! You know what that means! Linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds!

Dear Olympics, you start today!!! I cannot believe that you have came around so quickly! I will be there in a week!!! Eeeek! So excited! Although I'm very annoyed that I'm going to miss the opening ceremony!! Dear Shop, thank you oh so very much for making me work tonight! NOT!! Grrr, I'm very annoyed at you and I will probably be one of the only girls that would of actually wanted to watch it!! Dear Robert, are you still going down to London tonight?! I know you really want to see the road race event, but be careful it will be super busy!!! I shall miss you even if you are only away for one night! Dear Self,  just remember about your spending ban  and don't be going out and spending all your money!!! Hehe, you have got a very good reason to save it all up, so please do!! Dear Next Week, I cannot wait to have a whole 7 days off starting from Monday!!! Woohoo!! I'm going to just relax and then I will be going off to the Olympics with Robert! Yay! Dear Robert, I can't believe you are crazy enough to go down to London twice in one week! Oh well to be honest I'm not surprised, because you love the Olympics! Dear Jenson, I am very glad Robert was able to get you a new tyre as one of your tyres had a bubble in the side of it and that can be quite dangerous! So you now have a nice new tyre and I am so pleased that Robert could get it the same day, as he took it off because he had to leave you high and dry sitting on a jack! It was only for a couple of hours and then you looked good as new again! I have no idea why a bubble would form in a tyre, but it happened, maybe a pot hole. 

Photo one is Jenson on the Jack with no wheel, but very nice brakes! Hehe! Photo two is Jenson with his nice new tyre back on with my alloy too! Dear McDonalds, Thank you very much for your yearly summer glasses that you get free with large meals! Robert and I will end up having a cupboard full of these when we eventually get a flat! I especially like this years because it is Olympic cups, that also come with a London Olympic wristband! That is all.... Oh ok thanks also for your yummy but very naughty food! Dear Robert, thank you very much for looking after me so much and so well. Thank you also for finding me a tyre, I was worried you wouldn't be able to find one that fit! Thank you also for being the best boyfriend ever!!!

Love, Jen x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

23 Things Before 23!

Hi!! Today I am linking up with Living in Yellow for a great idea that she came up with! For me I am going to do 23 things before 23, as I will turn 23 in April! If you want to join in then you have to do it with either your age or the age you will turn next! I love Erin's blog and if you haven't seen her before, then you must!!! She is absolutely hilarious and just super lovely!

1. Finally graduate university in November!! Honestly my uni has totally just been messing me around! Grrr!

2. Go to California! Yay its all booked and going at the end of February!

3. Speaking of going to gorgeous beaches in California, I would really really love one of these when we are there:
Tiffany! Uhuh. Robert knows all this already anyway! Honestly its about time he does it, I mean it will be four and a half years of being together. So yea the time has come! Robert you have been told love! Hehe!

4. Go to Disneyland Resort! Ahhh already happening in March! I cannot wait it is going to be AMAZING! 

5. Drive around America (well California, Nevada and Arizona) in a Mustang!! Oh yea!! How about like this one?! 
Teehee!! That would be awesome! Although some how I doubt any hire companies have one that looks like this... How rubbish! I will keep my fingers crossed, hehe!

6. Visit the Grand Canyon! I'm so excited, especially as we are driving to it and not on a silly tour bus!! 

7. Go to the Harry Potter Studios this year!

8. Go to the London 2012 Olympics! Ahhh cannot wait! Less then two weeks and I will be there!

9. Keep blooging my heart out! I love my little blog and I never thought it would be what it has become! Thank you all very much for following and reading my posts! 

10. Hopefully reach 200 followers by April!? 

11. Have a house/flat with Robert! Honestly we need one really badly! I cannot wait until one pops up and it can be ours! 

12. Have watched all the Desperate Housewives episodes again! I am currently watching season 2! I can't believe how much I have forgotten about what happened!

13. Keep up with my spending ban!! I'm gonna do it guys!! Wooo!

14. Get a career....

15. Ok know what you want to do as a career?! Help anyone! I hate being one of these people who have just no clue at all what they want to do! 

16. Use my Lilly Pulitzer planner until its blue in the face! Ok maybe that's not the right phrase... As it is kind of already a bit blue, but what I mean is make sure you use it! But I know I definitely will because its fabulous!! Come see the post I wrote on it here!! 

17. No longer work 7 days a week, because doing that is hard and tiring and I never get time for myself! That is why I want to do number 14/15! Hehe

18. Get back into horse riding! I absolutely adore it and haven't been in ages! I miss it so much! I have been riding my whole life, so when I don't ride for a long time I miss being around them!

19. Spend a whole day with my lovely Robert in bed watching all 8 of the Harry Potter films! Pretty please Robert this would be so fun! Haha I can just imagine his face when he reads this! He would be like what no way! Well tough luck its happening!! 

20. How about get a Mac book pro for Christmas? Yup that will do.

21. I need a new phone! Like the one I have is absolutely rubbish! I think I will just have to get an iphone and I will get a really super pretty cover for it like this: 

How cute!!!! 

22. Be happy and feel good about myself! Try and wear make up more often, as it makes me feel nicer! 

23. Make Robert and I's relationship the best it can be! Can't wait for California, hehe! Wink, wink!!!

Love, Jen x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Spending Ban!!!

Hi girls! 

Yup, a spending ban is definitely needed here and its now set in stone, as its here on my blog!!

Yup, and its for 6 months!! Oh dear, will I actually be able to do this?!? Obviously I have made up rules for me to adhere by, so I will let you know them as well! However the reason I am doing this is that Robert and I have booked a big holiday at the end of February and I want to have saved a BIG amount of money, so that we can have a great time and I can buy lots of nice things! Then of course we are also wanting to buy a house! So yea a ban is something that I have to do and also want to do! First off I will tell you my rules!

  1. I am not allowed to buy any make up, clothes, bags, shoes or any other unnecessary items. However this does not include buying uniform for the shop (as you have to wear their clothes!).
  2. I am allowed to buy presents for people (such as Robert's birthday is coming up soon and then obviously Christmas presents!!). Oh but no present buying for yourself!!!
  3. I am allowed to buy toiletries, but only when I have used something up and am in desperate need of it!
  4. I need to try cut down the amount spent on food and going out either with Robert or my friends! These two things are probably the biggest culprits!
  5. I am allowed to keep on buying and paying for necessities, such as petrol, car insurance and cat food.
  6. I must try and put as much into my savings account as I can as often as I can! This way I can't spend it! Also you have to keep an eye on what is going in and out of your bank account and when! So you know when you need to have money in there and when its ok to put more into my savings account.
  7. I am allowed to treat myself if Robert and I go away, such as going to the Olympics (very soon!!) and then going to visit Harry Potter later on in the year. However if I do make any purchases, then they need to be well thought out and not just in the moment type splurges (always the worst ones!!!)!
Ok 7 rules is a good number to have! Do any of you think I have missed anything out? 

So this ban starts today and will end in January 25th 2013!! Then this also means that I have one month until my holiday begins and I can buy anything that I may need to go on this holiday!! I think this has worked out really well actually!! So I am going to stick to this 100% and do not worry about the blog! It will still be just the same, but with more reviews and less hauls!! Hehe.

So now onto telling you girls about the holiday! Robert and I just went for it and told the travel agents what we wanted to do and he sorted it all out for us! So We will be flying out to San Francisco!! Staying there for 3 nights and we will go and pick up the Mustang we will have hired. Then drive down the coastal road, which is supposed to be breath taking!! We are then staying in Anaheim for 5 nights. This is so we can go to the Disneyland Resort (oh em gee!! Super excited for that!!) and visit Los Angeles and Hollywood. Then we will continue to drive down to San Diego and stay there for 2 nights! After this we are going to be driving to Las Vegas, where we will stay for 4 nights! When we are here we are going to drive to the Grand Canyon and visit the Hoover Dam! The we are getting an overnight flight form Las Vegas back home! Robert and I love taking trips like this where we have a car and are driving round ourselves! Its going to be such an adventure!!! I think for this trip I am going to need all the money I can get and especially for Disney!! So I will definitely appreciate this spending ban when I get to California!!

Oh and sorry about that really great map of our route that I created! I just made up a completely new road from San Diego and Las Vegas! Hehe we will actually drive on a road like normal people and not go cross country probably straight through people's gardens and forests and over deserts! Hehe!  I really hope you girls don't mind me having this ban! I'm sure you will understand though, as your all so lovely! Have a happy hump day!!! Hehe!

Love, Jen x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda!!!

Ok now girls I am going to say sorry at the start, because if you are into organisation and what not then by the end of this post you will just NEED to have one of these!! But as they are American you cannot buy them in the UK, you will have to get it shipped to you! Ok so before you get all annoyed at me I have already said sorry so you can't! Hehe!

If you haven't heard of Lilly Pulitzer, then they are an American brand That sell clothes, accessories and stationary in the most amazing prints! The designs are just beautiful and the colours are so vibrant and bright, they just make you smile! Every time I see my agenda/planner/diary (I don't know what to call it!!) I have a big smile all over my face! I bought a large agenda and the print that I choose is called Shorely Blue Leggy. Ok here she is!

Teehee!! I just couldn't resist the Flamingos!!! It has a ll my favourite colours, pink and coral!! So pretty!

So this is amazing! It has every thing that you would need to have to be organised! It also starts from August 2012 and ends December 2013! So it lasts for a long time! The cover is hardback with a metal wire binding and it feels really sturdy. It is also kept closed with elastic! Eeek! I cannot wait to start properly filling it in when August starts! Ok so when you open it up you first get two pockets to keep either cards or notes, then you get an amazing sheet of stickers, that all coordinate with the agenda and cam stick where ever you want (I will be using them for sticking into my weekly planner to remember special days!). It then has a monthly planner, dates to celebrate, holidays, contacts and note pages. Then come the months with a monthly and a weekly planner. These are all separated by cute tabs at the side. I am absolutely in love with this planner seriously! At the start of each month there is always a cute page with a little quote as well and on every page there is always a little drawing or design! It's super cute!

Do you want one?! Do ya? Do ya?! Well for you Americans then it is as easy as pie and it will cost you $26! However if you live anywhere else then it will not be as easy, as Lilly Pulitzer only ship within the USA! Although I have solved this issue for you, because I have found a way!! Yay! After looking through so many options and finding a website that actually will send one to the UK, I have found a really good price! So in British pounds the planner costs £16.79 and for them to send me it it cost £11.06, which totalled to be £27.85! Great price!!! I ordered it on the Tuesday 10th of July and I thought it would take a lot longer to come  (it said between 12-15 working days) it arrived on my doorstep on Friday 20th July! Woohoo! I guess the postman read my letters after all (read my Friday's Letters post to understand what I'm talking about here!)! Ok so my planner came all the way from Portland in Tennessee and the website I got it from is called Shop Glitzy Glam. It sells loads of other really pretty things too, but I just bought my planner, because I HAD to have it! Yay! Here is their link, which will take you directly to the Lilly Pulitzer page of their website and you will see all the other pretty designs that Lilly has made for this years batch of agendas! You can also get them in small, large or jumbo size. I bought the large one and it is quite bulky, but that's what I wanted and it is still really easy to put in my hand bag and carry around with me!

Haha, no need to say "thanks Jen"! Honestly I was very happy to show you this amazing creation and let you all know that you need one of these like now!! Teehee! Your welcome lovelies! If you want to know anything else about this planner, then just leave me a comment and I will answer your question!!

Love, Jen x

Monday, 23 July 2012

Last Friday Night! #2

Hello girls! Hope your Monday is a good day!

So I have another Friday night post! Would you like a Face of the Night? I ended up being in a bit of a rush to get my make up done, so I used most of my usual make up items!

Primer - Benefit That Gal
Foundation - No7 Intelligent Colour
Blusher - Benefit Sugarbomb
Bronzer - Gosh Bronzer
Highlighter - Benefit Sun Beam
Concealer - Garnier Anti Dark Circles
Eye Primer - Benefit Lemon Aid
Eyebrows - Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
Eye Shadow - Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit using light pink all over eye lid, pewter outer corner and crease and charcoal as a liner
Mascara - Maybelline One By One Volume Express

Lip Tint - Benefit Posie Tint
Lip Gloss - Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in number 3 Golden Rose

So I love getting dressed up and I would say the thing that makes me feel really good is wearing my huge heels! I don't know but there is something about walking around in them that makes me feel really good about myself. It's probably because I end up being so tall (in my big heels I'm almost 6ft tall!) that makes me feel confident! Is there any clothing item you like wearing that makes you feel the same? Let me know! So now onto a Outfit of the Night!

Jacket - New Look
Necklace - Tiffany's
Shirt - Topshop
Belt - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Rings - Accessorize
Bag - Accessorize
Tights - Accessorize
Heels - Schuh 

I was out with one of my best friends and one of her close friends! We had a great laugh! We started the night in Hummingbird, which is a gorgeous bar and then we headed down to Kushion! We do love ourselves a bit of Kushion! Great club and plays the best music! I did drink quite a lot that night it must be said! But I had a super long lie in the morning so it was allowed and I also have never had a hangover. I have no idea what one is!! Hehe!

Hair did decide to just do whatever it wanted! Haha. Anyway we had a good dance about as you do! When Robert came to pick me up, it was around 2.45am and I was so tired! I was almost falling asleep in the car!! Although I managed to stay awake (because we were getting a McDonalds, as you do!) and do the whole drunk talk thing while we drove home to eat it. I remember leaving McDonalds and seeing a fox and I ended up shouting "Oooo a FOX!!! Mr Fox please go home its your bed time!". I think I gave Robert a fright, haha because I just blurted it out! Oh the strange things you say when your drunk! Anyway I very much enjoyed my chicken nuggets and chips when I got back home! Haha! Then straight away fell asleep when I got into bed!

Hope you girls had a good weekend!

Love, Jen x

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