Saturday, 14 July 2012

2 Songs...

Ok so I missed another day of the Challenge! Sorry... hehe

However this has worked out better for me! When it comes to music, I am very much a chart girl. I absolutely love any music that is played on Capital FM and have that on in my car all the time! Due to this my favourite songs are chosen b what is in the charts right now and I don't have any really favourite songs of all time, because I end up forgetting the ones I used to like! Hehe! So, because I was out on the town last night I decided to choose to of my favourite songs that were played last night! Now when I'm out on a night out I love dancing the night away, so these will be the songs that I loved dancing to!

1. Tik Tok by Kesha! I loved it when this song came on! I have always loved Kesha so I was very pleased when I could dance around to it!! Hehe, I also love the lyrics!

2. In My Head by Jason Derulo! Great song and fun to dance along to! I was probably singing the lyrics so loudly!! Haha

Ok so those are my two songs! Hope you liked them! The club played loads of songs, so it was quite hard to remember what ones were played and what ones I liked best! I liked them all!! Hehe, They are both a couple of years old, but the club were playing newer ones too, it was a good mix of music! Well done dj! 

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Love, Jen x

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