Sunday, 8 July 2012

6 Places...

Hi girls! So today the Challenge says 6 Places. I wasn't really sure what 6 places I have to tell you about, whether it is places I want to go or places that I have been. So I think I will do a mixture! I have been a lot of different places throughout my life and got to visit many different countries, so this has been a hard challenge!

1. Ok so my first place that I have been to and loved is Waikiki in Hawaii. Like honestly, it is just amazing! It is so pretty and clean and just like paradise! The shops are wow and the beach is just beautiful. I want to go back and go somewhere further from a city and I think it will really feel like paradise!!

2. The next place I have been too and just adored was Lake Garda. I went here on a two week holiday with my parents and I think this was my best holiday ever with my parents and it was my last one with them as well. The place is just super pretty and the lake is amazing! My favourite bit of the holiday was probably when we hired a boat and drove around the lake and we stopped right in the middle and i swam around the lake! I can't tell you how amazing it was honestly!! We stayed in an amazing hotel in Bardolino, that was right next to the lake. It was just a dream place really!!

3. I have to say New York city for the next place I have been to. I thought New York was absolutely awesome! I don't think it feels like I have actually been there!! We were only there for 3 nights, but we done everything we wanted to do in those days! It is just the most awesome city I have ever been to! It was just so magical when we were wandering around Central park in the snow! Ahh the memories!! Hehe

4. Ok so for my last place, I'm just going to say the South of France. I adore it there! I love Nice, Sete, Monaco, Carcassonne and Marseille. So many places, because when I went on holidays usually with my parents we would go to France and take the car and drive around places for two weeks. Therefore I know a lot of places in France!! Hehe, but yea South of France I would say would be my favourite! Below is a picture of Carcassonne, which is basically a medieval city within a castle's walls. It is an amazing place!!

5. Ok so now for a place that I want to visit, California! I cannot wait to get there!! Can I go now please!? I can't wait to go to San Diego, San Francisco, Hollywood and Disneyland!! I think California just has so much to offer and it just looks like a place I will love! Yay!!! Can I just add I want to also visit all the other states too!! Hehe. Below is a very famous winding road in San Francisco!

6. So my last place in this challenge I want to visit is Canada! I just think it is a gorgeous country and I think the landscape is quite like Scotland, it would be amazing to see!!!

So yea this post is a day late... Does this mean I have failed at this challenge? Yesterday I was just super busy I had absolutely no time to go on the computer at all!!! More on this later! Don't forget to enter my give away if you haven't already! Enter here and you could win a Stila eye shadow palette!

Love, Jen x

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