Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday's Letters #2

Hi girlies! As it is Friday, here are my letters,

Dear Rain, GO AWAY! Please and thank you. Dear Robert, I'm so proud of you! I love you lots and lots! I really hope we can get that flat that we saw last night! Keeping my fingers crossed! Dear Estate Agent, please don't take any more people to that flat either that or tell them the wrong day for the auction! Haha that would be fabulous! Dear Skin, please start behaving yourself! Arms you have to get better from all your scratches and cuts, so please stop being itchy! Dear Hair, why can I not make you sit right at all?! I know you are growing, but the length you are at just now I just can't make it work. I don't know what to do with you! Hair you just look terrible at the moment so please grow, grow and grow! Thank you very much! Dear Self, you have got some busy weeks and weekends ahead of you. Please don't get too tired, even though I know you are tired nearly all of the time!! You will get some days off soon! Dear Glasgow Bars and Clubs, get ready for me coming back on the scene! Got lots of parties and nights out coming up, so watch out for me and my girlies out to dance the night away! Dear 50 Shades of Grey Book, wow you are a little naughty, aren't you?! I'm shocked a bit actually, but still I read on and on and on! I can't put you down and I seem to not be switching off my light until well after 1am! A very good book, but you are extremely detailed in the naughty bits! Dear Robert, Can you please stop asking me if there is a dominatrix in the story. I know you looked it up on Wikipedia, and that's what it apparently said, but the man is not a dominatrix, he is a Dominant, ok?! It is embarrassing enough reading it, without you being a complete boy and asking such random questions! Thank you :) Dear Followers, thank you so much!! It feels amazing to have such lovely people in my life that I would have never had before creating this blog! I just find it crazy that you girlies want to read about things happening in my life or just my thoughts! I really appreciate it and remember when I reach 50 followers, there will be a give away!! One more to go!

That's my letters for the week! If you want to join in go and see Ashley's blog and link in, so that everyone else can see your letters! Thanks for reading!

Love, Jen x

LOTD - Fact or Quote #1

Another Love Of The Day for you by Louise at Sprinkle Of Glitter!! Friday's love is to choose a Fact or Quote that is interesting or inspiring!

So I chose a quote that I believe in and think of to be 100% true:

I chose this, as even though bad things happen in life something good comes out of them and maybe even brings something better. So when something happens whether it be a good or bad thing, it has happened for some reason that we might find out in the future, or we might not. I do believe in fate and I guess this is what fate is.

Love, Jen x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Robert's Graduation Day!!

So yesterday was a very special day! My amazing boyfriend, Robert graduated from university!! I was actually SO SO SO PROUD!!

Robert and I met at university, you see at the start in September 2008. We did the same course, Environmental Management and Planning. I could probably say that from the moment we met, we have never been apart! Like two magnets that have just stuck together! Robert always says that he came to university for me and he is so glad to have went and that I am his prize! Hehe he is strange, but cute!!

Robert is actually a joiner, and has his own company (he is 5 years older than me), so university for him was a break and he did it just at the right time with the start of the recession! Anyway after his first year at uni he began working again and was doing uni as well! I ended up not doing my fourth year, which is why I did not graduate today as well, so I'm just getting a Degree and Robert has just got his Honours Degree!! What happened with me and he uni is a longgg story and for another post!! This one is all about Robert! Yay!

So Robert did so well all through the course and was determined to get through all the work and work at the same time! His dissertation was amazing and he got a 2:1 Honours Degree (which is the best after a 1st!) So proud! Here are some pictures of the day!

This was the only picture I got of Robert walking across to get his degree! I was just so excited and my tummy was doing cartwheels and I was also too busy cheering! Hehe

My dress is from New Look

Bye bye Glasgow Caledonian University!

The ceremony didn't seem as long as what I was expecting. It was done in classes and Robert was around the middle, so it was exciting waiting for his row to go and then I was trying to calm back down after it!! Hehe! It was a really good, happy day and after we went for dinner with Roberts mum and dad and had a lovely meal! Congratulations to any one else out there who has or is graduating this month!

Love, Jen x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

LOTD - Book #1


Its Wednesdays Love Of The Day and today you have to choose a book that you have read and loved or a book that you can't wait to read! If you want to take part go and tell lovely Louise! :)

So for my book, I chose a series of books because I really can't choose between them all. The Harry Potter series of books is my all time favourite books! I think they always will be! They are my most read books because they are amazing pieces of writing and the story is just so gripping! Every time I read them I notice something that I never realised before! I just think that J.K Rowling is amazing and I cannot wait to read her new book which is coming out this year at some point! Sooo excited!!!

So anyway, the Harry Potter books are just the absolute best books I have ever read and I have read A LOT of books! I actually can't wait for when I'm a mum and I can share these stories with my children when they are old enough! If you have not read them, then you are missing out big time! They have so much more detail than the movies and are just better!

Harry Potter has become this HUGE franchise, with so many different parts; the books, the films, the theme park, the studio tour (can't wait to go in August!!), the toys and so much more! It completely took over a generation (which would be my generation!) and I can honestly say that the books were one of the most important things in my life when they were all being released! I would re-read the whole series when a new book came out, so that I could remember everything! I loved Harry Potter and still do! I'm sure I'm not alone one that feeling either! 

Love, Jen x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

LOTD - Blog Post #1

Hi girlies! :)

So here is Tuesday's Love Of The Day, which will be on a Blog Post! So as I said in yesterdays post, Louise is just super lovely and everyone should join in her interactive posts!

So for my blog post of today I have picked a post from one of my favourite Bloggers!! Lady Million, this girl is just super funny and writes her posts so well and makes her blog really entertaining and fun to read! So here is Katie's button:

You just have to go and see this girl, she is cool, clever and not to mention pretty! The blog post I have chosen is this one!! It is Katie's first post in a little series she does called "Sephora or Walgreens?". It is just so clever and witty and when I read it I was laughing so loud! Its great!! This was written about a month ago and Katie has since done another one of these posts! You just have to read it and you will love her! 

Thanks again to Louise, who has came up with this super great idea! We love you! :D

Love, Jen x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sprinkle Of Glitter's LOTD - Clothes #1

Hi girlies!

So I am partaking in Sprinkle of Glitter's Love Of The Day posts! She has just started this kind of link in feature! On a Monday, its clothes so you have to pick a piece of clothing that you love and that you wish was in your wardrobe! Hehe, now I did find it quite hard, as I could pick a load of things!! So you need to go onto her blog here and then let her know your joining in! Also this lady is just so utterly amazing, if you haven't read her blog or watched her youtube videos, then where have you been!! Go to her immediately, you will not regret it!! Hehe!

Ok so I have picked something that I wish for, but no way could ever buy, as it is too expensive! I thought that I wouldn't look at normal places as I would see things I like and then try really really hard not to press the checkout button! Where as I picked a top from Abercrombie and Fitch (LOVE!!) and it is safe to look on there because no way in hell would I buy this top for £62!! Yup £62 for a little top. Ok.... I would buy it if I was insanely rich, but not until then! Hehe it is really pretty  though! 

Images courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch of course!

Oh so cute! I want to be wearing it now! Pretty please?! Hehe so this little baby is called the Eliza Easy Fit (what does that actually mean?) and I love the colour and the print! It even has a little bow on the back!! Eeek! If only it was £20 then I could stretch to it! Hehe!

So that is my Love Of The Day! I hope you love it too!

Love, Jen x

Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday's Letters #1

So my first Friday's Letters post! I do love this! You should join in too!

Dear Flo, I do tell you everyday that you are getting fat and I'm sure you must know this too because you must notice your podgy belly in between your little legs! You also must notice that your sister Alice is staying a slim little dinky pussy cat, so please oh please will you stop miaowing at me every time you lay eyes on me demanding for more food! Oh but I do love you and your squidgy belly a lot! Dear Alice,  Can you please tell your podgy sister that she has to stop eating! If she does not she will explode! I cannot keep putting food down! To me you both eat the same amount so how can you be so slim, while Flo is growing a belly? Tell her in cat talk that she must stop this yelling and play with a toy so she can work off those pounds! Oh and I do love you also a lot! Dear Robert, you really are such a lovely boyfriend and I am super lucky to have you! You are oh so very good to me when my skin is rubbish and I really am too down to leave the house when I come home from work. I love that you will get me a wee treat (ice cream and sweets!) to brighten me up! Can we please hurry up and get our own flat? Love you! Dear Water,   can you please just taste nice so that I will drink a lot of you. I really must drink you to keep me hydrated, so if you tasted not like yucky water then I would! Thank you! Dear Bed, will you please stop breaking?! Pretty please? It is not very nice when I am asleep and then the slats fall off the place where they are supposed to rest upon and I wake up in a fright and have to get out of the warm cosiness and fix you! I would not say that I am particularly heavy and you always do it on my side rather than Roberts!? It would be good if you would just be a good strong bed and not be silly and flimsy! Thanks for nothing Ikea! Dear Summer, WHERE ARE YOU? I know I live in Scotland and we do get rain a lot, but at the moment we have thunder and lightning! Summer there is no need for this! Can we have some sun and warmth please?

I think that is enough letters for now! Really quite enjoyed writing that post! Hehe its good to vent and let your feelings out! Let me know if you do this and I shall read yours! Don't forget to go onto this blog, who started it all!

Love, Jen x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Disney Quotes of Inspiration

Hi girls!

I love, love LOVE all things Disney! I think the movies that Disney make are awesome, especially the old ones! The films always have meanings and good messages behind them and obviously always a happy ending! Here are some Disney quotes to make you smile!!

Ok ok I must stop myself from adding any more!! I could have just went on and on and on!!! Hopefully you lot weren't asleep by the time you got to the bottom!! But seriously, I do love a good Disney film, whether old or new I know that I will love them! 

This is my first of probably a few Disney related posts! Hehe, just because you can never have enough Disney spirit in your life!!! Do you girlies feel the same about Disney? Or is it just for little kids? Oooo question for all of you's what is your favourite ever Disney film? Anyone? Because I can't actually choose!! I was thinking about it today and I actually couldn't pick out one that I loved the most! Give me a reason I should like your favourite Disney film the most!!!

All images courtesy of! Thank you!

I had to put those last ones in!!

Love, Jen x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Hi girls!

Another face of the day for you! This was one from the weekend, so just working away in the shop and then going out for Fathers day (and his Birthday!) after work! 

Primer - Benefit That Gal
Face - Garnier BB Cream
Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Blusher - Benefit Dandelion

Eyebrows - Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
Eye Primer - Benefit Lemon Aid
Highlight - Benefit Sun Beam
Mascara - Benefit BADgal Lash

For the eyeshadow, I used a kit that I got ages ago! Its called Rimmel Smokey Glam and in it it has the perfect colours to create a smokey eye. In the top part it has 6 eyeshadows (see below) and there's a drawer underneath that contains a pretty four colour blush and 4 lip glosses.

So for the look above, I used two shades; the light silver/grey for all over the eye lid and then the dark purple colour for the outer corner. Usually when I use this kit, I'm going out for the night and the eyeshadow colours are perfect for a full on smokey eye effect using a bit of colour rather than your bog standard grey/black smokey eye! I do really like the Rimmel eyeshadows, I think they have amazing pigmentation and also stay put for a long time!

Lips - L'Oreal Universal Lip Glow

So yes I thought that was a really nice look for just working away and then going out for dinner afterwards! My dad enjoyed his Birthday/Fathers day meal anyway! So that was good and yes he did get two cards and lots of presents! Hehe

Love, Jen x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

L'Oreal Universal Lip Glow Review

Hey Girls!

So this is my first review and it is going to be on L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Lip Glow! I bought this on my last Superdrug haul and was intrigued by the product at the counter. It's a product that I do not remember being advertised very well or at all even.

What L'Oreal says:

"Adapts uniquely to the moisture of your lips to forma bespoke, individual colour. The result: a tailor made shade of pink with a subtle finish."

So basically this lip "glow" will be probably a very slightly different colour of pink on different people. I can actually believe this as differing alkaline levels and also moisture as they say could change a product, obviously depending on its ingredients and it having that certain ingredient in order to make it change. I did do a test which included my hand and my boyfriends hand (hehe, I wasn't even going to ask if i could test it on his lips!). So I swatched it onto the backs of our hands and they both were different. His was a lighter pink than mine!

Now onto what its like on the lips:

When you first put it on its quite sheer and obviously the colour builds gradually. I understand why they call it a glow as well, because it just feels so light like you haven't got anything on and its very moisturising which is great for me! It was so soft and I loved the colour on my lips, which you can build easily. I think it also lasts very long as well, as It seems to be a lip tint too! For £8.49 I think Its worth it and I just know that I will be wearing it loads! L'Oreal do also say that you don't need a mirror while applying it as it suits your skin tone perfectly and I think it is really easy to apply and did not need a mirror! The stick is like transparent so its not just a full wash of colour, its brilliant! I love it!

So i applied it onto my bottom lip only to see the difference between the product and my natural lip. You can see that my bottom lip is a pretty pink colour and has a good sheen to it.

So this is what the colour is on  my lips! It could end up being a different colour on yours, but I really like it! Also, you shouldn't worry about what it will look like on your lips because the colour will definitely suit your skin tine! Yay!

Oh yea and about the one that I picked up! I was silly not to open it before I bought it, but then they always have a seal on them don't they? Well silly Jen never checked and when I got home it wasn't the perfect shape I was expecting. I gave it a wee rub in case anybody had touched or whether it had just ended up melting a tad due to the heat! It still works fine, but I can only imagine what my face must of looked like when I opened it up!! Haha

Tell me what you girlies think! Will you think about buying it?

Love, Jen x

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