Friday, 15 June 2012

Superdrug Make Up Haul!

I really need to stay out of Superdrug!

Ok so I bought some pretty make up and I also got a 3 for 2 on L'Oreal make up too! :)

I have been hearing a lot about the powers of this cheeky wee concealer and I tried it and thought it was brill!! At only £4.19 as well It's quite a bargain! Below is it swatched, without being blended in, I am the colour light 2.

Next thing I bought was a new blusher and this is my first Sleek purchase! I got the Rose Gold colour and it is soooooo pretty (and yes it does need that many o's!) Hehe, its a corally pink colour with gold through it and in one light it looks really gold and sparkly and in the other its very pink and corally! It was also only £4.29! Bargain!!
Ooo so pretty!!

Next up is the three L'Oreal purchases and this one is what I got free, it would have been £5.99! Its the Colour Appeal eye shadow in the shade Metal Plum, and its super pretty, its got silver through it with a lilac/purple tone through it.

Next up is a lip gloss I have been wanting since it came out! They are called Glam Shine Miss Candy and I picked up the colour Pink Treat. It was £7.65 and boy is it sparkly! this will be brilliant over a lip stick for a night out! The photograph below does not do this baby any justice at all!!

Ok so this product intrigued me very much, but I think I shall do a review on it at a later date! So keep and eye out for it and I will tell you about its magic trick! Hehe, this was £ 8.49.

Ahhh!! I can't go into Superdrug without buying one of these!! Another Revlon Lip Butter, but its just gorgeous! I have needed a good nude lippie for a while and this one does the trick. It is the well known colour of Creme Brulee and was only £5.99, as they were doing £2 off!!

Ok so thats me for my haul! Thank goodness, I really need to stop buying make up!! Thats it I'm on a ban from buying any more for a while at least!! Hehe

Thanks for reading! Do you like the look of any one of these products?

Love, Jen x


  1. Haha, you ban yourself now, but who knows what shall happen soon! hehe
    Okay, I'm glad I checked this out. I love everything! (except the lipgloss, but that is due to my adversity to all such products!)
    I really want to know the secret behind the studio secrets lipstick!
    I have heard so many good reviews on the Collection 2000 concealer that it is ridiculous I haven't picked one up yet! And I'm dying to get myself a lip butter!

    Ooh. Now you are adding to my shopping list Jen!

    Rachael xxx

    1. lol I know I hope the ban last longer than two weeks!!! Ok so you HAVE got to get yourself a lip butter, they are soo soft and moisturising on your lips and come in awesome colours! i have four of them!! Eeeek!
      The collection 200 concealer is really good and im so glad i went on the advice of other bloggers! hehe they do come in handy!! :P

      Thanks for the comment lovely :) xxxx

  2. the sleek blush is seriously so stunning! i love their packaging too

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. Its really pretty on too! I'm going to do a FOTD with it so keep your eyes peeled!

      Thanks for the comment lovey :)

      Jen xxx


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