Tuesday, 19 June 2012

L'Oreal Universal Lip Glow Review

Hey Girls!

So this is my first review and it is going to be on L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Lip Glow! I bought this on my last Superdrug haul and was intrigued by the product at the counter. It's a product that I do not remember being advertised very well or at all even.

What L'Oreal says:

"Adapts uniquely to the moisture of your lips to forma bespoke, individual colour. The result: a tailor made shade of pink with a subtle finish."

So basically this lip "glow" will be probably a very slightly different colour of pink on different people. I can actually believe this as differing alkaline levels and also moisture as they say could change a product, obviously depending on its ingredients and it having that certain ingredient in order to make it change. I did do a test which included my hand and my boyfriends hand (hehe, I wasn't even going to ask if i could test it on his lips!). So I swatched it onto the backs of our hands and they both were different. His was a lighter pink than mine!

Now onto what its like on the lips:

When you first put it on its quite sheer and obviously the colour builds gradually. I understand why they call it a glow as well, because it just feels so light like you haven't got anything on and its very moisturising which is great for me! It was so soft and I loved the colour on my lips, which you can build easily. I think it also lasts very long as well, as It seems to be a lip tint too! For £8.49 I think Its worth it and I just know that I will be wearing it loads! L'Oreal do also say that you don't need a mirror while applying it as it suits your skin tone perfectly and I think it is really easy to apply and did not need a mirror! The stick is like transparent so its not just a full wash of colour, its brilliant! I love it!

So i applied it onto my bottom lip only to see the difference between the product and my natural lip. You can see that my bottom lip is a pretty pink colour and has a good sheen to it.

So this is what the colour is on  my lips! It could end up being a different colour on yours, but I really like it! Also, you shouldn't worry about what it will look like on your lips because the colour will definitely suit your skin tine! Yay!

Oh yea and about the one that I picked up! I was silly not to open it before I bought it, but then they always have a seal on them don't they? Well silly Jen never checked and when I got home it wasn't the perfect shape I was expecting. I gave it a wee rub in case anybody had touched or whether it had just ended up melting a tad due to the heat! It still works fine, but I can only imagine what my face must of looked like when I opened it up!! Haha

Tell me what you girlies think! Will you think about buying it?

Love, Jen x


  1. Just replied to your post and ended up reading yours :)

    That lipstick looks great, you've certainly convinced me, it does look like it wont dry out, like some other lipsticks you know?

    Great post

    Gem x

    1. hey :)

      It is actually really really good at not being dry, they have made a really good formula where its just so light and its like you have put a really non sticky just smooth and soft lip balm on your lips! I was really surprised :)

      Thanks for your comment! Jen xxx

  2. It looks like a nice natural pink for the summer, I like my reds but this is nice and looks good on you!

    Tanesha x

    1. Hey yea it really is!! Lovely for summer :) you should try it!

      Jen xxx


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