Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fat Face Wish List!

Hi girlies!

I really like the brand Fat Face. I think the clothes are great, are so comfy and really well made! I don't Know how others my age feel about this brand as it is probably seen as maybe an older lady shop, or a shop for out doorsy clothes! However I feel as if there maybe has been a change in their range a couple of years back and there clothes are now so awesome! I mean there are things in their I wouldn't wear, but then thats the same in every store! 

The only problem is the price, which makes me sad! If there clothes were cheaper I would go mad in there and buy sooo much! I guess you get what you pay for because as I said before it is really good quality! What I love most is their t-shirts, scarfs and cardigans, which are all so so soft!!

So I thought I would put together a wish list of what I would LOVE to have in my wardrobe! Hehe and then also let you guys have a wee looksie into the shop, if you hadn't ever been in before! Here are my picks from there collection at the mo:

I absolutely adore the maxi skirt, which is jersey material, and you could wear with loads of things! The maxi dress as well would look fab on!
Ok so as I said I like their tshirts, which are just so comfy! I really love the waterfall cardigans, which is why i added two to this list! Also the hoodie is just so soft and I think would keep me snug as a bug, if it was cold out!

So as you can see I'm a real girly girl  with lots of pinks and flowery prints! I would say my favourite colours are definitely pink, but then I love blue too! I really like the casual clothes that Fat Face do and their colours are just what I love! You should definitely give them a shout if looking for some comfy casual clothing, which lasts a long time and stays in good condition! When they have sales on, I'm their in a flash, because some things are just a wee bitty to expensive for me to buy just straight out, unless I'm feeling slightly mad and just buy it anyway!! Hehe, which does happen quite a lot! They do great guys stuff as well and I'm always saying to my boyfriend to go in and buy some things because some of the mens clothes are hot! Teehee!!

Do you like Fat Face's clothing range?

Love, Jen x


  1. Hello gorjus girl

    thanks 4 checking my blog out

    means alot :) xxxxx

    1. Hey

      your very welcome! your blog is great :) and you are just too pretty!!

      Jen xxx

  2. That floral dress is so pretty for summer!!

    I just followed you, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it :)

    1. Hey I know the dress is so cute!! Your blog is great! will need to catch up on some of your posts :)

      Thanks for your comment!!

      Jen xx


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