Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay

So last Friday the Olympic Torch relay was about two miles from my house! Robert just had to go and see it and obviously I wanted to go and see it too! I think its a really big thing to actually see the torch and the relay will probably never happen in Scotland again! We took our wee nephew Robbie, who is nearly two and a half, to come and see it too and we felt it was important for him to be able to say he had seen it (obviously this will be in his later life, as he didn't really understand what was going on!). 

So this was us walking down the road to get to where we could see it. There was so many people!!! Honestly it was just so busy! So we found a spot and waited for just a wee while. Then loads of Police vans started passing through, they just kept coming! So then big buses came round a Coca Cola one, then a Samsung one with huge tv screens on it and then an old fashioned bus for the Bank of Scotland! Robbie just sat on Roberts shoulders watching. Then after that lots of cars and buses came through. Robbie started shouting "Bus, Bus!!", it was so funny, he just liked seeing the normal buses rather than the big fancy ones with all the people shouting and with music!

So we knew the torch was coming, and because we had got there a bit later, I think we had missed people giving out flags, because Robbie kept asking if he could get a flag, which we never were able to get him! Then a helicopter, who is obviously following the torch came into view and Robbie loves Thomas the Tank Engine so instantly shouting "Harold, Jenny look there's Harold!", soo cute! Then the torch  came round the corner, and the atmosphere was great! Everyone was cheering. I think the girl carrying the torch here was just someone local who was entered to carry it, so lucky! You don't realise how big the torch actually is either! But its huge! As where we were standing was the end of this route we got to see them put the flame back in its holder and back on the bus off to its next place!

Cutie pie!!

Robert and I are really excited about the Olympics and I think all of Britain should be! Although we are especially excited because we are going to some events!!! Yay! Mostly I think it was to ensure Robert would get to go (hehe), but he bought me tickets to see the show jumping for my Christmas! I actually can't believe I'm going to get to see such amazing horses and riders from around the world! I adore horses so this was the perfect event for me to get to go to! I actually cannot wait! I am so lucky to have my lovely Robert, he is the best! I don't think the Olympics will be back in Britain in my lifetime, so its just amazing to get to go to such a huge thing and be  a part of it! Although London is going to be so busy, and I think it will be crazy!! Eeep! Robert also wants to try and get tickets to see more events, so we shall see!

So that is going to be Robert and I's next adventure. We are one for adventures too, we have already been on loads this year!! When we go down to London, we will be going to the Harry Potter Studios as well, because I am Harry Potter mad! Hehe! Its pretty soon as well as our events are right at the beginning of August! Less than two months now! 

Is anyone else going to some events at the Olympics this year?

Love, Jen x


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