Saturday, 16 June 2012

Every Girl Can Dream...

Hi girlies! 

So I am soon to be hopefully moving out of my parents and buying a flat with my lovely boyfriend Robert! This obviously is very exciting and makes my brain do whirlies around and around of what I could to a prospective flat! Hehe :D

Obviously I am not rich so it will be done on a budget and a little bit at a time. However this post will be a if money was no option what would I love my house to look like!

Everybody does it!!

Dream Hallway!

Dream Wardrobe!!

Dream back garden and pool area!

Cosy little reading area :)

Pretty lounge with lots of light!

Dream Kitchen!

Dream Bathroom!

Dream Bedroom!

Cinema Room!!
All images courtesy of!

I think thats enough pictures now! Haha, These rooms would totally be in my dream home, but until I can afford one of them, then I can just make do with a lovely wee cosy flat that will be all mine and Roberts!! Yay, can't wait for it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Love, Jen x


  1. Okay, I was starting to list the rooms I love, BUT I LITERALLY LOVE IT ALL.
    If I ever come into a lot of money, I shall hire you as my estate agent Jen! It is peeeeeeerfect!

    You're so lucky to be moving in with Robert! I hope you find your perfect homely flat!

    Rachael xxx

    1. Haha!! I would love that job!! yea i know all of these rooms are immense! Yea i know I cant wait to get out of my parents house, just want our own space!

      Thanks for your lovely comment! xxxxx

  2. I love them all but would be happy with just the wardrobes and reading area :)

    Tanesha x

    1. I know i would be happy with any!!! thanks for your comment Jen xxx

  3. Your dream house is absolutely amazing haha. I think I'll be dreaming of it tonight too, haha! xx

    1. Yea i know I can dream about it! wish it was my real house!!! hehe

      Thanks for following :) Jen xxx

  4. Aw this is a great post! wish I had thought of it. I love the walk in wardrobe, I have a walk in wardrobe in my flat, but its no where near that size, or that snazzy lol. Aw, maybe one day :) x

    1. Yea i know i stole it from another blog and the pics she put up were amazing!! if you want to have a look at hers! hehe

      I know how awesome would it be to actually get things to fit into your wardrobe!? mine just spills out all over the place :( not enough space! hehe

      Thanks for following lovely :)

      Jen xxx


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