Friday, 1 June 2012

Superdrug Beauty Haul!

Hey girlies! So another beauty haul for you! I sho in Superdrug when I need all the essentials and as I have a Superdrug Beauty card it means I can collect points and get money off! I also got another 3 for 2 deal on make up items!

So I bought quite a few things, as you can see!

This was the first thing I picked up, surprise, surprise a Revlon Lip Butter!! This one is called Peach Parfait and I love it, and it was £7.99! I love how they feel on the lips and not drying at all! Below is the swatch and as you can see Peach Parfait is a peachy, coral with a hint of pink and also a hint of gold shimmer through it as well.

Then I picked up this Gosh bronzer, which I think they say is actually a blusher, but no way would I use it as a blush! It is a really good bronzer colour though, as can be seen on the swatch below and was £8.19. I had a Gosh blusher before and I loved it, so as I needed a bronzer i thought I would pick this up!  

I wanted to get a treatment for my nails, as I have had gel nails on my nails for a while now and I wanted to get my nails stronger. So I bought this and this was my free item in the 3 for 2 deal!

I then went ahead and bought Bio Oil, as it may help my skin. I did a patch area on my arm and I never got any reaction from it so thats good. Also it left my arm feeling really soft and well hydrated. I shall maybe try using it on my chest and neck to see if it will help there. It was £8.99 for the 60ml bottle and it comes out in little droplets. I think a little of this goes a long way too!

Then I bought the Garnier BB cream in the light version, which was £7.49. So I will try it out and see what its like for my skin, I do prefer using creams rather than a powder for my face, as a powder dries it out more! I also use the Garnier under eye concealer, which I think is great, so hopefully this is too!

The last two items I bought was a powder blusher/bronzer brush for £5.49 and an eyelash curler for £3.99. The brand for both of these is QVS, which I had never heard of before. I don't know how good the brush will be, but it has soft bristles. I really needed an eyelash curler, as I haven't actually got one of these before. Not sure how well this one will work, I shall let you guys know!

Have you tried any of these products?

Love, Jen x

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  1. Watch out with the Bio Oil it is full of mineral oil/petroleum which I personally think shouldn't be used on skin. I have written a blog post about petroleum if you are interested.


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