Friday, 29 June 2012

LOTD - Fact or Quote #1

Another Love Of The Day for you by Louise at Sprinkle Of Glitter!! Friday's love is to choose a Fact or Quote that is interesting or inspiring!

So I chose a quote that I believe in and think of to be 100% true:

I chose this, as even though bad things happen in life something good comes out of them and maybe even brings something better. So when something happens whether it be a good or bad thing, it has happened for some reason that we might find out in the future, or we might not. I do believe in fate and I guess this is what fate is.

Love, Jen x


  1. I stand by this quote too :) xx

  2. Arh great choice. xx

    1. hehe thanks! You are my 50h follower!! yay! need to sort out my giveaway now!

      Thanks for commenting

      Jen xxx

  3. YES! I definitely agree with this, 100%! Lovely blog, btw. :-)


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