Monday, 30 April 2012

Hawaii!! Part 2

Hello or should I say Aloha?! :)

So this post is going to be about the what we got up to Waikiki! Overall we had a lovely relaxing time, but we had some exciting adventures too! Now I have to tell you that I like fish, and I don't mean the eating way ( although I do eat fish), but I mean more in the exotic aquariums way. Hehe and it's because  I do love my animals! So if you don't like fish, then don't look below cause I was going to put a small amount of pictures of them, but I will say only a couple! I will say though that this post is well worth reading!! Here is what I'm going to post about:
  • Visiting Pearl Harbour
  • Submarine Ride
  • Aquarium
  • All Star Pro-Bowl Block Party
Ok so when we decided to go to Pearl Harbour, it was probably about half 12 and we had no idea where it was or how to get there. We did have a map of Waikiki given to us by the hotel and  it pointed in the direction of Pearl Harbour, as it was not placed on the actual map. So Robert thought that it must just be around in that area, yea you can see a mishap coming can't you!? So we walked for a while and it was sooo warm and we were walking  and walking! We then ended up at a shopping centre and there was a bus station. So thankfully we stopped and asked the guy who told you what bus to get on where it was. Well thank goodness we never tried to walk the whole way, because it was miles and miles away from Waikiki! Silly tourists eh?! Haha well I didn't actually think that it was really near Waikiki, but I just went along with Robert.

So we ended up getting on a bus that was to take us by Pearl Harbour. Well we had obviously went on the bus that goes absolutely everywhere before it gets to the stop you want to get off at! I'm not very good on public transport either when in a different country, as I have been on some really random ones! So I was trying to kind of stay calm and just go along with it and Robert knows that I get kinda nervous so he was like it will be ok blah blah blah! Haha so in the end it ended up that he was panicking and I was like its ok we will get there, wondering where this bus was actually going to go!! We did get there eventually (yay!) and I was so relieved! Hehe so by this time it was like 3pm and unbeknown to us the place shuts quite early! The next surprise was that you can't take your bag into the actually complex! I mean I wouldn't mind if they had searched my bag and then went through (like we did in nearly everywhere in New York), but no you have to leave your bag in basically a hut!!!! Yea a hut, which ok I know secuirity and everything, but what if you had a baby with you, you weren't allowed to take any nappy changing stuff or a bottle with you!? I kind of thought that it was really inconvenient and not really very well thought out, but anyways! So for the whole way round I gripped onto the ticket for my bag like my life depended on it, which it did I guess! 

Anyways we quickly decided what we wanted to go and see; first of all we wanted to go to the Missouri ship, which you have to go on a seperate island to get to and you get on a big bus that takes you there! So I waved bye bye to my bag! Haha, honestly its funny now, but I was like oh no! We then came back and went on the submarine, the USS Bowfin. Here are some pictures ( as I was allowed to take my camera!):

On this day I wore:
  • Sunglasses - Accessorize
  • Top - Next
  • Shorts - New Look
  • Sandals - Birkenstock

So when we left we got on a bus, which was I guess the correct bus and took us very quickly back to Waikiki! A very good day was had and Robert especially liked it because he got to go on these amazing things!!

Our next adventure was very exciting!! We got to go on a proper submarine and go look at all the wild fish!! This was just sooo exciting for me and I couldn't wait for this!! I did take so many pictures when I was in the submarine, but they are not very good quality, which is because as you go further down the colours drain away so everything ended up being blue!! It was rather strange!! We went 111ft underwater, which the tour guide lady said was quite a lot! The good thing about this tourist attraction is that they have built reefs (obviously for the tourists and to make money), but this has helped the wild fish in huge amounts. Since they built some of the reefs, the numbers of fish have grown 1000% and in some of the photos I will put below there are hundreds of fish! So I was really glad t see this!! Also the most amazing thing was that we saw 4 green sea turtles!! Yes four!!! They are quite rare and are becoming endangered, so to see these animals thriving here was just awesome!! They also didn't just show us man made reefs, but also reefs that have naturally grown there and we saw really old sunken ship wrecks and also a plane wrecks, which the fish like hanging around in! Pictures of the day below:

Eating a Shave Ice (loved them!!)
Top - Oasis
Bag - Fossil
Skirt - Hollister
Sandals - Next

Thickness of the glass on the submarine! 
Everything was blue!!

Really enjoyed going on the submarine!! The only bad thing is that there were lots of people being sick on the boat to get to the submarine!! It was quite a windy day, so there were a few waves and I don't think some people could handle it very well! Robert and I's good old British  sea faring stomachs were fine though!! Hehe!

Another day we went to this small but amazing little aquarium!! It was very well laid out and had the most amazing little fish (and some big ones too!!). I was really glad to have went there and also I ended up noticing that I had seen some endangered fish that are only native to Hawaii out on the submarine that were also in the aquarium! So it was good to see the wee fish thriving out in the wild!! Here are some pictures:

Ok so on our last night in Hawaii, it was actually the Pro-Bowl Block Party! For those of you who are unsure of what this is, it's a big party in the street before the NFL Pro-Bowl, which was the next day. There were five stages all along Kalakaua Avenue and also hundreds of stalls, selling food and other things! It was a great atmosphere and a really great end to our time in Hawaii! I guess it was just a shame that we never got to stay for the Pro-Bowl game!!

So sorry if that post was really long!! I hope you enjoyed it though! Next up is our adventure in Las Vegas!! :D

Love, Jen x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hawaii!!! Part 1

The 10 hour flight from New York to Honolulu didn't feel as long as it was, from what I remember of it anyway! I think it was the biggest plane I have ever been on, but it was quite empty so we got to sit where we wanted and move around, which was a bonus for such a long flight! Also what I think is absolutely amazing about United Airlines is that you get free juice!!!! Robert and I drink loads of juice and water when on planes, so all through our trip this was free and was great!

When we eventually landed in Honolulu, we were soo excited!!! I didn't know anybody who had been to Hawaii before me, so I really didn't know what to expect except from what I have read! Now what I did know about Hawaii was the very relaxed atmospere, which is definitely not what its like in Glasgow! So when we went to collect our suitcases, we were standing around waiting by the carousel. When luggage started coming onto the carousel it kept stopping and restarting, now at that point we were the only flight in as it was so late at night. It took about an hour for the people who worked at the airport to realise that it was broken. It was quiet funny really and they were climbong up and down the carousel ramp trying to work out what had happened. I just kept thinking that if this was Glasgow, people would be going absolutely crazy!! They ended up switching all the bags not to the ramp next to us but to the absolute furthest away carousel, which also had another two flights suitcases on it too!!! This meant that we could hardly even get to the carousell to pull our cases off it!! It was madness!! Haha but funny all the same, although we were soo tired and just wanted our beds!

We had a good lie in and got up to explore Waikiki, which was the area we were staying in. Now the first thing I noticed when we were walking up the main street, called Kalakaua Avenue, is the shops!!! Now, this is what I notice in most places I go, but this was very different from anywhere else! One was that it was absolutely beautiful! The place was so clean and just so luxurious and pretty! Secondly was the shops themselves, every one of them was a top high end designer! I was in absolute awe!! Every one you could think of was on that one street, Chanel, Cartier, Gucci, Dior just to name a few! This was just so exciting, but I was way too scared to venture into these places as everything in them are sooo expensive!!!

We then went down onto Waikiki Beach, which I believe is one of the most famous beaches in the world? Well it should be if it isn't, beacuse it is so picturesque! Honestly, if you ever get the chance to go to Hawaii, you have to go because it is the most gorgeous place I have ever been and I have been to lots!! Hehe, even the buildings are all so pretty and the shuttle buses are so cute!

Here are some pictures of Waikiki!

Sunglasses - Accessorize
Top - Hollister
Bag - Fossil
Skirt - Hollister

Top - Next
Shorts - New Look (if you can see them!!)
Sandals - Birkestock

Top - Topshop

Top - Roxy

Yea.... So loads of photograhs!! But I bet you want to go now huh?! And yes that cocktail was very yummy!! Also no make up to talk about in these photos either, although I do think that the sun helps my eczema, which is good! Oooo I also became completely addicted to shave ices when I was there! They are so scrummy!! Haha

More about what we got up to in Hawaii in the next post! :)

Love, Jen x

Friday, 27 April 2012

New York! Final Day

When we woke up on Saturday morning, it was snowing!! It was quite heavy too! This was obviously just so magical, being in a snowy New York! I'm sure the people who live there don't think the same, but for tourists its great!! Here I am in Times Square, where we went to Planet Hollywood for our breakfast!

After breakfast, we took the subway up to the American Museum of Natural History, which was something I was really excited about, because I love seeing all the animals and reading about them. So we took a walk round all the rooms and I clicked happily away at my camera (no flash though!). After having lunch and Robert running away from the reptile room (he is terrified of snakes!!), we went and had a walk around Central Park! We were so pleased we hadn't come on one of the other days, because it was amazing to see it in the snow!! 

After a long wander round we ended up at the bottom of Central Park and we had a look at the shops walking up 5th Avenue. Passing the Rockerfeller Centre, we decided to go up to the top! I got some great pics of New York in the snow! Photos below! :)

Good times! Again me with my fresh bare face, hehe! Brrr it was cold!! Jacket, bag, jeans and boots in previous blog. Clothes in these pictures:

  • Furry Hooded Zipper - Abercrombie & Fitch (bought the previous day!)
  • Scarf - Fat Face

So it was another very busy day we had, so we were up in our hotel early, as we had to get up really early to get back to the airport. We took the bus, which was really easy to get on as it was just across from our hotel! We were preparing ourselves, I think, for the 10 hour flight ahead of us!! Eeek!

Love, Jen x

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