Friday, 27 April 2012

New York Day 2!

Ok so day two was a Friday and it was absolutely freezing!! We went to this AMAZING diner for our breakfast, which was on 9th Avenue somewhere between 40th and 44th Street! Unsure what it was called, but it did the most yummiest pancakes ever! It was just what we were looking for!

We then went and got the New York Water Taxi down to the bottom of Manhattan, while we were waiting we saw the huge Intrepid ship and also Concorde! This made Robert very happy as he loves transporty things! This was a great tour and we got some really good photos! Now this was when we went to Ground Zero. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was very eerie and silent. You could feel that there had been a tragedy of epic proportions here. Even though I knew what huge buildings once stood where I was, I still couldn't imagine the scale of them in this new setting. We paid our respects and marvelled at the new World Trade Centre being built and went off to Starbucks for a hot chocolate to warm us up!

We then visited the famous Wall Street and I did try to find the bull, but I couldn't find him anywhere!! I was quite upset! Hehe, so if anyone knows where the big bull statue is then please leave me a comment! We wandered down to Pier 17 and got some great pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge. Also visited some shops, but more on what I bought in a later post! We then took a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge, as you do!

We then ended up taking our fist New York Subway ride up to Grand Central Station, because you just have to go and visit it! For dinner we went to our favourite TGI Friday's! We love it and always go when we are at home as well. The portion sizes were HUGE!! We didn't eat it all, so Robert was dead chuffed when we got a doggy bag and some of their special Jack Daniels sauce away with us! We then visited all the amazing shops in Time Square and bought some goodies! So that was pretty much Day two, I was exhausted by the end of it with all the walking around!! Some photo's below!

Lots of photos (again no make up boohoo)! We sadly didn't go onto Liberty Island and go up the statue, because it was closed and as you can see from one of the photos there was cranes fixing the statue! In these photos I am wearing quite a few things that were in my first New York post, but differences are:

  • Cream Cat Jumper - New Look
  • Scarf - Accessorize
  • Hat - River Island (from a couple of years ago!)
  • Jeans - Hollister
Love, Jen x


  1. Love your New york posts! Fab blog, thanks for following me xx

    1. Aww thanks pet! Yea I had a look at your New york posts too! You were there when it was a bit warmer hehe!!

      Thanks for following me too :)

      Jen x

    2. It was a little warmer, the sun was shining but it was still cold at times! when did you go?

    3. I was there from the 19th to the 22nd of january so it was cold!!! but the snow was nice :)


  2. I'm so glad you were able to visit NYC! I'm from Long Island, NY which is about an hour away, and I am trying to move to the city after I graduate!
    Thank you so much for going to ground zero to pay your respects, my uncle was a nyc firefighter and his name is engraved on the memorial ♥

    Love your blog! I'm excited to read more posts, and thanks for being my first follower!!


    1. Hi! I never obviously knew anbody from Ground zero, but it was really moving. Thanks for telling me about your uncle :)

      Your very welcome, your blog is great :D and i want your little Lacey :D

      Love, Jen x

    2. I went to the memorial too, very thought provoking and a lovely tribute x


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