Thursday, 26 April 2012

January 2012

So as I said before, I am going to start my blog from the beginning of 2012, because I have had a bit of a mad year and have done soo much! January was a time of complete excitement for my boyfriend and I, because we had booked a holiday wayyyy back in June 2011 and the time had finally come to get packing! We booked a two week holiday to 3 different parts of the great USA! Firstly, we would be going to New York for 3 nights, then travelling all the way to Oahu in Hawaii for 7 nights and then visiting Las Vegas for 3 nights. So this was like a holiday of a life time for us and we were uber excited all Christmas time waiting for January the 19th to come!

Now for me the dilemma was what on earth to pack?! In January, New York is absolutely freezing, Hawaii is boiling warm (well for me anyways!) and Las Vegas is also relatively cold, but nothing compared to New York. So my suitcase was rather mixed with big jumpers, hats, gloves and boots and then shorts, vests and sandals! It was a very random suitcase to pack if I'm honest!!

So as you can see from my homemade map (!), this was our route and where we stopped. We did actually go on 6 flights, which totalled to around 34 hours spent on planes during our trip!!

  1. Glasgow to New York
  2. New York to Honolulu
  3. Honolulu to San Francisco (only a change over stop I might add!)
  4. San Francisco to Las Vegas
  5. Las Vegas to New York
  6. New York to Glasgow
A bit mad you may say, but it was totally worth it and it turned out to be an awesome holiday!! We are huge fans of America and I actually want to visit all 50 states before I'm old and grey, so three in one go was a  good start!! Throughout the trip I was very "Snap Happy", if you get me and took around 1600 photographs!! So lots of pictures to show you what we got up to on our amzing trip!

New York post coming up! Watch this space!!

Love, Jen x


  1. I've got your first ever comment ;) I've you start post regularly sweet I'll follow you, so drop by and let me know :) I like new blogs, fresh ideas and all that.

    Emily xx

    1. Awww! My first ever comment! Thank you and yes I am hoping to post regularly, fingers crossed! :) Just had a wee lookie on your blog, your wee boy is gorgeous!! I shall definitely follow!

      Thanks again :) Jen x


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