Thursday, 26 April 2012

My First Post!

Ok, so I have created this blog for myself, as a place to compile my life and thoughts! I have to say I hope the title of my blog "Its a Blondes Life" doesn't put anybody off. This is not only for people with blonde hair and I do not mean to discriminate in any way, shape or form! It is not meant as a "blonde is better" type thing in anyway, just as how I see my life, as I am a blonde headed girl (in both ways I might add!)! Right got that bit out of the way! Phew....

So onto my actual blog. So 2012 has been a bit of a mad year form me already and its only April!! So with my blog I'm going to actually start at the beginning of 2012 if you don't mind! Also, the reason I'm starting a blog is because I have been reading quite a lot of them recently and I think they are great! I do have some favourites and I regularly keep up to date with them and I'm also excited about finding some new  blogs to read!!

I wouldn't say this is going to be a beauty blog as such, but more about life in general with different lots of bits and bobs mixed altogether in one place! It's definitely a place for girls might I add!

Spring is here! Courtesy of!

Ok so now for a little bit about me, now I don't want to double with what I am saying in my profile, so this will just be a quick intro into Jen! I'm a 22 year old blonde with a love of all things pink and probably too much to say! I love all things beauty and fashion and also I have a huge love for all animals, like a major passion!  I have the most amazing boyfriend, two wee cheeky cats and also eczema (sad face) and this is the absolute nightmare of my life! I currently work 7, yes seven, days a week in two jobs! Meaning no time for myself, but supposedly money, which I don't know where it goes!! During the week I am in an office, working with a small construction company as the office manager. At the weekends and sometimes at nights during the week, I work in a very well known high end clothing and accessory shop, but I'm not telling any names!! Hehe.... So I live a busy wee life at the moment, but I am determined to make some time to do this!

So we shall see how this blog goes! I hope you all will like!

Love, Jen x

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  1. Good luck with your blog dear xxx

    1. Thank you very much :) its just trying to get started thats the hardest part I think! :) x


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