Friday, 27 April 2012

New York, New York!! Day 1

So here goes the first leg of the trip! New York has got to be the most famous city in the world! We were expecting big things and obviously it didn't disappoint! I have only been to the USA once before and that was when I was 7 and my parents and I went to Florida, to go to all the theme parks. It was honestly the best holiday ever and I plan on making that our next holiday and do all the parks again!! Hehe! My boyfriend has never been to America before, so the both of us were very excited! I think I'm going to split New York into the 3 days I was there as we did so much and I'm not sure about how long a post can be etc!

Can I also just point out and this was probably one of the best things of the journey was the tv on the back of every seat on the plane over to New York, which was touchscreen and you could watch a huge number of movies at any point during the flight!! I was like a kid in a sweetie shop, honestly!!! It's such a good idea, so well done United Airlines, for keeping me so entertained!

We arrived in a very cold New York at 11am, so we had the whole day to wander around. As we arrived in Newark airport (which technically is in New Jersey a whole different state!) we got the train right into the city of New York, which was really easy! The first thing we saw when we got out the train station was this::

Ahhh!! Sounds silly, but we were so shocked just to see the Empire State Building stood there, we were both very impressed! My boyfriend and I are quite into buildings and architecture I guess, so these things are really impressive!! After dropping our suitcases off at our very swanky hotel (who’s bell boy very randomly had a Manchester City scarf round his neck!!), hehe, we headed straight away to Times Square, as this was just round the corner from our hotel. Also we had to pick up our New York Passes, which is such an amazing deal to get as this lets you into all the big attractions and we saved so much money doing this. We booked them on the internet before we went and we got a 3 day pass; I would highly recommend you do this if you visiting New York, especially if you want to visit the big sites! The website we got ours from was this Being there was so surreal, as everyone has seen Times Square in so many movies and television programmes. We then just had to go up the Empire State Building, which was a complete dream for Robert and I and there was also no queues whatsoever, which was great!

When we left there we went and got tickets to go to an ice hockey match in Madison Square Gardens! It was the New York Rangers vs the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now it’s so funny that these two teams were playing each other, because Robert is a huge supporter of the Glasgow Rangers Football Club, and also because Robert and I have this funny joke thing between us about penguins! It’s a long story!! Anyway, so the ice hockey match was very interesting, but I don’t understand how Americans can put up with all the breaks!! It was mad, every 5 minutes the game was stopped and random things were happening on the ice, such as adverts, cleaning the ice, the big ice cleaning machines with wee boys on the backs of them (which was pretty funny, with their huge smiley faces!), cars coming on the ice and so on, so on. So for three 20 minutes thirds, it took around two and a half hours for the game to actually finish! It was good fun and we were glad we went, one so we could say we had been to an ice hockey match and two that we had been to Madison Square Gardens!

So here's some photo's of the day! 

So most of them were from up the top of the Empire State! Oh and by the way, due to my crappy skin, I have no make up on in these pics! From the first photo I will tell you where I got my clothes from, unsure whether I should do this, but here goes any ways!

  • Faux Fur Coat - Asos (it has ears!!!!)
  • Gloves - River Island (from about two years ago)
  • Bag - Fossil
  • Tan Jeans - River Island
  • Boots - Rogersons Footwear (old lady shop I know, but these boots are actually really nice and very comfy!!)

I'm sure Robert's jacket is from Debenhams and his hat is from Next!

Love, Jen x


  1. amazing post :) sounds like a great trip.
    I really want to go to new york this year as well :) it must be
    in btw your blog is really really nice, dear :)
    feel free to check out my blog as well, if you like :))


    1. Yea New York is amazing! Thanks for reading my blog :) I'm still quite new at all this!! lol

      I shall give you a wee lookie :)

      Jen x


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