Monday, 9 July 2012

My Weekend!

Hi girls! I hope you all had a good weekend! Hmm... Did you?! 

Well this past week I have worked 58 hours, in 7 days! This for me is a lot and because I have done a lot of overtime at the shop! Honestly I don't know how I actually have the energy to keep going! Somehow I do, I'm always bouncing around! Any ways, after a shift at the shop on Saturday starting at 11am and ending at 8pm, I was rushing home to get ready for a night out! My first one in ages!!!

I always love getting all dolled up and going out on a night out! I also tried out the Stila In The Garden eye shadow Palette for the first time (if you want to enter my give away to win a brand new untouched one then enter here!) and it is so lovely and easy to apply! Me and some friends ended up going to Kushion night club in the centre of Glasgow! It was a good night! 

Ok so I have another confession today! The only person that knows I have a blog who knows me in "real life" is Robert (my boyfriend). None of my friends know that I do this, I don't know why, I think I am just a very secretive person! I am telling you this because I don't really know how I feel about putting my friends pictures up on this if they don't know about it! So I cut my friends out of the pictures.... Is this bad of me? I don't know! It is probably really silly and they probably wouldn't mind me putting photos of them up! Ok now for some photos and apologies in advance for my hair! I really need to get to the hairdressers! It just won't sit right at all! It is at the most annoying length ever! Oh well... So this was me on Saturday night!

Ok so the make up I used was:

Primer: Benefit That Gal 
Foundation: No 7 Intelligent Colour
Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection
Blusher: Benefit Sugarbomb
Bronzer: GOSH bronzer
Highlighter: Benefit Sun Beam
Brows: Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
Eye Primer: Benefit Lemon Aid
Eye Shadows: Stila In The Garden eye shadows in Breeze and Freesia
Eye Liner: Benefit BADgal Liner in Black
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal One by One
Lip Stain: Benefit Posie Tint
Lip Gloss: Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in number 4 Golden Fuchsia

Dress - New Look
Belt - New Look
Bag - Accessorize
I also wore my black heels from Schuh, which I love and are super high!!

We had a great night, but I never had too many drinks as I was working the next morning at 11.30 in the shop again! I got home, after having a cheeky McDonalds, at around half 2 so I still got a good sleep before work on the Sunday! When I got home from work on the Sunday at half 6, this is what I was faced with....

A sleepy Alice in her bed...

A sleepy Flo in her chair...

And a sleeping Robert!!! 

Teehee, he is going to kill me for putting that photo up!! Hehe, he doesn't even know I took it! Any way though, the point of those pictures was because it should have been me sleeping!! Every one of them had a relaxing day and I was away working! Hehe, we had a relaxing night thank goodness! Just what I needed! With a yummy Dominos Pizza, a movie ( What Happens in Vegas!! Soo funny!!) and cuddles! Ahhh bliss!

Love, Jen x


  1. Only 2 of my real life friends and my bf know I have this haha! Im keeping mines secret too.... and I dunno why that is either haha! You looked fab btw! xox

    My Style Blog : The Style Khaleesi

    1. Yea i know its weird! but i dont know what they would think. I know nothing bad but anyway! haha thank u very much :)

      Jen xxx

  2. None of my friends know I have a blog either, haha. I don't know why I keep it a secret! Glad you had a good weekend :) xx

    1. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one!! I was typing this going oh people r going to think im strange!! hehe

      Jen xxx


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