Wednesday, 18 July 2012

£100 Asos Blogger Challenge!

Hello there!

I have been seeing quite a few entries to this competition and I want to join in too! Discount Coder are having this competition over on there blog, so if you want to take part, go and have a wee looksie at their rules and what not here! You could win £100 of Asos vouchers! Wooooo!

So what you have to do is create an amazing look for £100 or just under it! The look I have created is one that I would definitely wear on a night out! I actually really want to buy the dress I have chosen, because its right up my street!! Hehe! Here is my entry:

Influence Bodycon Tiger Print Dress - £20
Asos Push it Platform Shoes - £30
Asos Arrow Head Necklace - £12
Asos Spike Stretch Bracelet - £8
Nails Inc Jubilee Crystal Cap in Baker Street - £15
Benefit Box O'Powder Glosses in Bella Bamba - £13.50

Total = £98.50

So that's my outfit for the challenge. I really wanted to add a belt and also a bag, but i never had enough!! I actually totally forgot about needing a bag until I had already completed the outfit and then was like "oh man I don't have a bag!!" But I'm sure I can manage without one or just use one I already own! Is this allowed?! Hehe, oh well! I hope you like it! I do!!!

Love, Jen x


  1. Haha, I didn't have enough for a bag either! Dammit. I'm sure we all have enough bags to use ;)

    Lovely outfit, my friend has a dress just like that xx

    1. Hehe yea I do have enough bags... So probs good i didnt add one in or I would want that too! Aww I actually really want the dress! Its not bad for only £20 too!

      Oh thats your prize all packaged up now! just need to take it to the post office! :)

      Jen xxx


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