Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Spending Ban!!!

Hi girls! 

Yup, a spending ban is definitely needed here and its now set in stone, as its here on my blog!!

Yup, and its for 6 months!! Oh dear, will I actually be able to do this?!? Obviously I have made up rules for me to adhere by, so I will let you know them as well! However the reason I am doing this is that Robert and I have booked a big holiday at the end of February and I want to have saved a BIG amount of money, so that we can have a great time and I can buy lots of nice things! Then of course we are also wanting to buy a house! So yea a ban is something that I have to do and also want to do! First off I will tell you my rules!

  1. I am not allowed to buy any make up, clothes, bags, shoes or any other unnecessary items. However this does not include buying uniform for the shop (as you have to wear their clothes!).
  2. I am allowed to buy presents for people (such as Robert's birthday is coming up soon and then obviously Christmas presents!!). Oh but no present buying for yourself!!!
  3. I am allowed to buy toiletries, but only when I have used something up and am in desperate need of it!
  4. I need to try cut down the amount spent on food and going out either with Robert or my friends! These two things are probably the biggest culprits!
  5. I am allowed to keep on buying and paying for necessities, such as petrol, car insurance and cat food.
  6. I must try and put as much into my savings account as I can as often as I can! This way I can't spend it! Also you have to keep an eye on what is going in and out of your bank account and when! So you know when you need to have money in there and when its ok to put more into my savings account.
  7. I am allowed to treat myself if Robert and I go away, such as going to the Olympics (very soon!!) and then going to visit Harry Potter later on in the year. However if I do make any purchases, then they need to be well thought out and not just in the moment type splurges (always the worst ones!!!)!
Ok 7 rules is a good number to have! Do any of you think I have missed anything out? 

So this ban starts today and will end in January 25th 2013!! Then this also means that I have one month until my holiday begins and I can buy anything that I may need to go on this holiday!! I think this has worked out really well actually!! So I am going to stick to this 100% and do not worry about the blog! It will still be just the same, but with more reviews and less hauls!! Hehe.

So now onto telling you girls about the holiday! Robert and I just went for it and told the travel agents what we wanted to do and he sorted it all out for us! So We will be flying out to San Francisco!! Staying there for 3 nights and we will go and pick up the Mustang we will have hired. Then drive down the coastal road, which is supposed to be breath taking!! We are then staying in Anaheim for 5 nights. This is so we can go to the Disneyland Resort (oh em gee!! Super excited for that!!) and visit Los Angeles and Hollywood. Then we will continue to drive down to San Diego and stay there for 2 nights! After this we are going to be driving to Las Vegas, where we will stay for 4 nights! When we are here we are going to drive to the Grand Canyon and visit the Hoover Dam! The we are getting an overnight flight form Las Vegas back home! Robert and I love taking trips like this where we have a car and are driving round ourselves! Its going to be such an adventure!!! I think for this trip I am going to need all the money I can get and especially for Disney!! So I will definitely appreciate this spending ban when I get to California!!

Oh and sorry about that really great map of our route that I created! I just made up a completely new road from San Diego and Las Vegas! Hehe we will actually drive on a road like normal people and not go cross country probably straight through people's gardens and forests and over deserts! Hehe!  I really hope you girls don't mind me having this ban! I'm sure you will understand though, as your all so lovely! Have a happy hump day!!! Hehe!

Love, Jen x


  1. Gosh, wish I was as brave as you! I've tried doing it before, but it didn't last long :(
    Good luck! I'd love to hear more posts about how you are getting on, and temptations that you face!


    1. I know i feel really brave to have shared it on my blog! lol I have been thinking about it for ages and then we booked the holiday and i was like right i'm just going to do it!! Yea i will definitely do some posts in the future about it! :) Thanks for your comment pet!

      Jen xxx

    2. :) I love your blog, it deserves comments! Can't wait for the posts...

  2. Wow good luck with your spending ban. Your Holiday sounds amazing by the way xx

    1. Thank you! I will definitely need it!! hehe! I know i cant wait for it :D thank you!

      Jen xxx

  3. I could never do this! But having an incentive such as the holiday will keep you going I'm sure. I visited LA in February, I've posted about it on my blog if you want to have a look. It's such a cool place, especially places by the beach like Santa Monica!

    Charlotte xo

    1. Oooo! what was the weather like and the temperature?! i will definitely go and see your post on it! thanks for letting me know :) yea i know it is a very good incentive! hehe :D

      thanks for commenting!

      Jen xxx


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