Tuesday, 3 July 2012

10 Secrets...

Hi girls!!

I saw this challenge over on this lovely blog; My Cliffnotes and thought it would be fun! It is quite self explanatory!

So day 1 (or 10?!) you have to tell 10 secrets about yourself! I'm not really sure what actually counts as a secret, so it will just be small and probably silly secrets! Here goes:

  1. One of my cats, Alice and I secretly go moth hunting around my house at night! I will pick her up and we will look around the ceilings and she is so funny if we find one! She cackles and makes the funniest noises. I have to then try to lift her so she can catch it! My other cat Flo usually follows us around wondering what we are doing!
  2. I am secretly very confused about what to do with my hair! I don't know whether I want to grow it long or to get it cut shorter again!
  3. I have the most terrible diet in the world! I just eat crap all the time!
  4. I love picking scabs! Its terrible I know and its really bad for me as I will make my skin worse! I will pick them off Robert too if he has any and lets me! Eeeep!
  5. When my cats were kittens and they were losing all their baby teeth, I would always keep checking in their mouths for wobbly ones and give them a  little wiggle! I know I probably shouldn't be doing that, and I didn't pull any out or anything, so don't worry! But I did end up finding three little baby kitten teeth around my room when they were falling out and I still have them! Weird probably, but they are so small and cute!
  6. I have no idea what I want to do with my life! Its so terrifying having no clue what sort of job you want to do! I have two jobs at the moment, working 7 days a week and I know I cannot do this forever! I need to think of what I want to do for a proper job! So scary!!
  7. I cannot actually wait until Robert and I are married and have our own little house and life! I think it will just be amazing and I will be so happy!!!
  8. I don't get on with my mum, at all. I do try, but she just says all the wrong things and is just so sarcastic and can be quite nasty. I just try and stay out her road, when I am in her company though I feel quite tense and I can't relax. I think its bad because she doesn't know me at all. I think she still thinks of me as a little girl!!!
  9. I really want to be an Apple lover and I do want an Iphone and a Mac book pro! Pretty please!!!
  10. I believe that my two old cats Jess and Puddle are looking down on me and are taking care of me. They are like my little angels and if I want something to happen I always whisper to them! I love them and miss them lots!!
So there you go! Some secrets! If you want to join the challenge then tell me and I will come and have a look!! Hehe!

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Love, Jen x


  1. Aww! This is a lovely post! TOTES GONNA DO IT!!
    That is so cute about your kittens! And sad about your relationship with your mum :(
    I have a friend who is obsessed with trying to pop other people's spots.. haha
    Can't wait for the rest of these Jen! And be prepared to see mine soon!

    Rach xxxx

    1. hey yea im looking forward to seeing yours! I found it hard to think of secrets though!! lol! hehe i will pop roberts spots if he lets me but i would touch anyone elses!!! lol

      Thanks :)

      Jen xxx

  2. Great post :) It's nice getting to know other bloggers more. I think I may begin moth hunting with my cats now too haha xx


    1. Yea you totally should go moth hunting!! its so funny if I can reach the moth i push the wee moth to make it fly and Alice's wee head goes crazy trying to keep her eyes on it!! they are quite good at hiding i have to say!! she gets all upset if we lose one! lol

      Jen xxx

  3. This is an awesome idea - hope I'm not too late to join in!!


    1. Aww of course your not too late!! hehe start it any day you like :)

      Jen xxx


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