Wednesday, 4 July 2012

9 Loves...

Second day of the challenge!

9 loves! I think I will find it pretty easy! I love a lot of things! Hehe, I love:
  1. My amazing boyfriend Robert!! He had to be number one obviously! I love just being with him and his cuddles are theee best!
  2. My cats Alice and Flo! They are my little babies and I love them to pieces! Two sisters, who look nothing a like and are just too cheeky for their own good, but are far too cute to be getting in trouble! I would add here I also love Jess, who was my old cat and my complete world! The perfect princess cat! Miss her like crazy!
  3. My dad, I absolutely love my dad! We are just exactly a like and are best friends really!!
  4. Animals, I do love all animals. I think they are fascinating and are just completely amazing. I think they are so over looked by people and not understood by us at all. I think it is really sad that humans just use them however they please with no regard for their feelings at all, because yes animals do have feelings exactly like us! Please treat animals with respect, there is no need for the terrible things that happen to them in the world, it is very sad!
  5. My friends. When in need of a good girly chat my friends are there! 
  6. My car!! Is it sad that I love my car? I do I love him so much! Jenson is the best! A blue Ford Fiesta Zetec S, 1.6 litre engine, so he is a speedy devil! I love the freedom he gives me, so I can drive anywhere I need to!
  7. Music! I probably a bad music lover, but I love whatever is in the charts! I do and I also love whatever they play on Capital fm! Haha my radio station of choice! I love r 'n' b, pop, dancey stuff too and a bit of indie! A big old mix please! I love music because I love to sing and dance!! 
  8. I love blogging and all of my followers!! Ever since I started my blog I feel like I have been part of a great community, where everyone has similar interests. It amazing to be part of something like this and I'm so grateful that I guess I have been accepted into it, or at least I hope!! Hehe
  9. I love shopping!! There I admit it! I love buying clothes and shoes and make up and bags!! Robert always goes on about me buying a new bag all the time, when I don't! I buy clothes and make up far more often than a new bag!! Hehe, but I am trying not to spend so much of my money!! I need to save it up, I really do!!
Yay! Finished! Haha I was just trying to think of a number 10 until I realised it was only 9 I needed!! Silly Jen!

Ok and remember to enter my give away!! Go on, you won't regret it! You can win a Stila In The Garden eye shadow Palette, enter here!!! I actually got it through the post yesterday and it is sooo pretty!! I'm so glad I got one of them for myself too, I am so pleased with all the colours! More on the palette in a up coming post!

Love, Jen x


  1. Aww, this one is cute! You're totally right about the animals. And that is so sweet what you said about your dad! I'm very similar to you with music it seems haha! Anything I can sing to! It seems inevitable that shopping sneaked in there.. hehe.
    I have already written my nine loves post! I'm just having to refrain myself so that I post it tomorrow haha
    rach xxxxx

    1. hehe!! yea i went a bit off tangent of the whole "love" theme there!!! hehe but any ways thats how i feel :D lol got to love the shopping! :D

      haha yea you have to refrain or else its not 10 days anymore!!! lol

      Jen xxx


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