Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The London Olympics 2012!

I cannot wait to go!!! I am super excited and its only a couple of days until I am down there! Woohoo! Robert was down at the weekend, as I said before to see the Bicycle Road Race and he said the atmosphere was amazing! It makes me really proud to be part of this country and makes me even more excited that I can be a part of it! The opening ceremony was just unbelievable when i got to watch it from the start. Everything I could think of that was British was in it and it sent shivers down my spine!! A huge achievement and I doubt it will be forgotten! Here are some images taken from weheartit.com that make me even more excited for the experience!

Haha! I loved Mr Bean in the opening ceremony!! He totally made it for me!! I toatally loved it when J K Rowling was speaking and then when Voldemort came out I was in complete shock!!! It was awesome that they had recreated him! When the cauldron was lit up and then it started to all come together that was just amazing!! 

I am so excited! Yay and do not worry, you will get to see all of what we got up to, as obviously I will be doing some posts on this adventure!! We are getting to go into the Olympic Park for the Hockey event on the Friday and then on the Saturday, I am just uber excited for the Show Jumping!!! I cannot wait to actually see it in real life and not through a television screen! Yay! 

Are any of you going to any events? Or have you already been to some?! Let me know!!

Love, Jen x


  1. Love the nail polish designs! ENGLAND ROCKS!


    1. yea i thought the nail polish was cool! hehe and its Britain that rocks lol! I am proud to be Scottish :P hehe

      Jen xxx


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