Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Clothing and Beauty Haul!

So this has been a long time coming!! I bought most of these things weeks ago and just not had a chance to show you them! So its a mixed haul for you today of what I have got over the past couple of weeks! Also I got most of these before the summer sales started so the prices might be wrong for some items that have went into the sale (if any have I'm not sure!). I think I will start with the clothes part! Firstly a couple of days a go I bought two new bra's from La Senza and they were down to £5 each!!!! I'm quite lucky because I am literally the smallest size they do at this point in the sale there are still lots left to choose from!

Robert came and took me for my lunch during my hours break from the shop a couple of Sunday's ago and we went into River Island and he treated me to:  
This scarf was £15 and I have worn it nearly every day since I got it! It is just totally my kind of thing with the galloping zebras on it! I love it!! Also below is what it looks like all gathered up.

These wee shoes are so comfy and were only £12!! I love the bright colours!

Just a wee comfy t-shirt and this was £10.

Now onto a wee while later and in New Look I bought:

This cute wee summer dress and it was reduced down to £7!!! I was like yes please! I also bought a plain white t-shirt for £2 (!!!) in the sale also.

I then picked up this grey hoody for £14 (I think!), which is just super comfy and cosy during this non existent summer!!!

Now onto H&M:
This pretty scarf for £6.99. I love the colours!

Then for £4.99 I just picked up this basic lilac t-shirt!

I needed a new make up bag to keep in my handbag, so I picked up this one for only £2.99! This leads on nicely to my beauty part of the haul!!

I went into Boots and really wanted to get this next item.

This Works Clean Skin 5 in 1 Water, £21. I have used it a couple of times now and I really like the outcome! I will let you know how I get on! 

I also bought this when I was in Boots and I think the Benefit stand had actually only just opened! I have been eyeing these Ultra Plush lip glosses ever since they came out and I swatched a couple, and this was definitely my favourite! 
It just gives such a gorgeous sheen of pink and a slight gold sparkle and its exactly like the blush, which I also love!! 

The last thing I bought was a Topshop lipstick and can you believe it my first piece of make up from there!!! I'm soo pleased with the colour. 
I bought Innocence and its a gorgeous pinky colour with a very slight corally colour through it too. Very pleased with this and I got a student discount on it too, so it was £7.20 rather than £8!  

So thats it for my haul! As I said these items were all bought in the last three weeks, so I didn't just go and buy these all at once! Also enter my give away here for a chance to win a Stila eye shadow palette!

Love, Jen x


  1. I love the scarf your boyfriend bought you :) I bought the exact same T-shirt from River Island as one of the gifts for my sisters bday :) I love the lip products you bought too! xx

    1. Hehe thanks for your comment :) yea i loveee my scarf!! its just so easy to wear! yea im really pleased with the lip products! highly recommend those :)

      Jen xxx


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