Thursday, 5 July 2012

8 Fears...

Hi girls! Day three of the Challenge!

So to day I need to tell you 8 fears! What am I scared of?!
  1. I'm scared of my skin getting worse!! I have eczema and at times its just really bad and its so scary that one day its good and then the next day its bad!! Why can't  it just be good all the time!! 
  2. I'm scared of trying new foods. I have the worst diet and I'm an extremely fussy eater. I hate dinner time because I just don't eat at dinner unless its basically kids food! I have been in this eating habit since I was a baby and I have not been able to break it. When I get my own flat and I can cook what I want (because I don't cook in my house because my mum would just be not very nice if I did) and I know that I would be able to make my diet better! Can't wait for us to get a flat! Eeep!
  3. I guess I am a little scared of spiders. I used to be really bad, and scream so loud if I saw one, but now I have sort of grown out of it. If I see one I just get the cats and they have a little game of catch the spider. Poor spider I know, he shouldn't be in my house! I couldn't touch one though, that's just too far!! Hehe
  4. Scary movies!! I like watching them, but I am absolutely terrified!! Haha!! If I am watching them alone and at night then I am so scared that the monsters or whatever are going to come and get me! Especially if I am going to the toilet or whatever and its all dark!! Eeek!!
  5. I'm scared in case I lose of of my little cats! Its probably bad, but at the moment they are indoor cats. One of the reasons being I don't want them to get used to going outside and then we move into a flat and they are then not allowed out, because it would be worse to lose getting to go outside than experiencing it at all! The other reason  that I have not let them out yet is if something happens to them!! Oh I would be totally terrified, like seriously! I hear stories all the time of people's cats getting lost and it worries me just too much!! My previous cats went outside all the time, but I do think that they were much cleverer. The two I have now don't seem as clever!! Hehe
  6. I'm scared of being sick, or seeing someone being sick or someone telling me they might be sick. I just can't deal with it!!! I am absolutely terrified if I feel sick (it doesn't happen very often at all, but when it does!!!). Seriously, I get so scared that I make it worse I know I do, but I would do anything just to not make anything come up!!
  7. This is probably really bad to say, but I am scared of getting fat. I know I shouldn't say it, don't hate me!! I must have an extremely fast metabolism, because the stuff I eat just doesn't go anywhere!! I am very slim and I totally freak out and think one day I will wake up and be really huge! I really need to exercise more, I'm absolutely terrible at exercising, I just cannot be bothered with it! Hehe only one thing for it.... Must go horse riding again!
  8. Last thing that I am scared of. Hmmmm... I guess I'm scared of foreign public transport! I don't like public transport in the UK never mind in different countries!! I do have reasons for this! I was in Nice in France with my parents and we were going to Monaco on a train. We ended up in Italy!!! Yup thanks train! It was funny actually because we could totally tell we weren't in France any more because it was so much grubbier and the signs were obviously different too! I was like wahhhh, how are we ever going to get back!!!! Next we were in Hendaye in France again and we were trying to get to the town centre, We took the bus and ended up in Spain!!! Thanks bus! Again I was like where are we?!? Very dramatic just like the last time! When Robert and I were in Hawaii, again we took a bus to get to Pearl Harbour and it wa snot fun!! We totally thought we were never going to get there and We both started to panic, but then I was just like, we will just stay on the bus and we will get back to Waikiki eventually. We got to Pearl Harbour, just after almost an hour and a half of going round all these random places! So yea I don't like foreign public transport!! Its just annoying and makes me upset and scared! Haha, that's why I love my car so much!
Ok, so number 8 was rather long! Hey ho I got there in the end! Oooo also take part in this challenge if you want to! Its a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers! :Let me know and I will have a read!

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Love, Jen x


  1. These kind of made me giggle a little :). Not that your fears aren't legit, but just how people are scared of different things. I'll have to say, though, I hate foreign public transportation! I can't even figure it out in the US [mostly because it doesn't exist...] much less here in Germany. I'm terrified of traveling anywhere because of that reason!

    1. Hehe!! I mean the UK public transport is proabably one of the best! I'm ok using it, but i just like driving! but abroad ooo i shudder at the thought!! Hehe yea i totally agree with u about the USA... everybody just drives cars and i know tat its not good, but its my kinda place!! hehe

      Thanks for your comment!

      Jen xxx

  2. I love these posts that you are doing :) I may have to pinch the idea! I am scared of getting fat too! My metabolism isn't too fast though, eek! xx

    1. Yea you should totally do this idea! its a great way to get to know other bloggers! :) let me know if you start doing the challenge as I would love to come and take a look! hehe

      Thanks for your comment lovely :)

      Jen xxx


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