Friday, 6 July 2012

7 Wants...

Hi girls! Its day 4 of this challenge!

Ok so as it says above, I have to tell you 7 wants!! Now I think I will do like proper wants, rather than a wish list type thing of items that I want to buy!
  1. I want a flat with Robert!!! That has got to be my number one thing that I want and obviously that Robert wants too!! At the moment Robert is basically living at my house as he stays every night. So we are desperate to get our own space!! I absolutely cannot wiat till we can do what we want and have a proper little family home!!!
  2. I want my skin to be normal!!! Oh my goodness it would be my dream come true if it could just behave!! I really need to just stop scratching it!!!
  3. I want to save my money and I'm going! I'm going to save it all up, I promise! I have got to do this, the lifestyle me and Robert live at the moment is quite hard, as we eat out all the time, so that uses up some money! I really need to stop buying things! Saving my money would also obviously really help with my want number 1!!!
  4. Can I say I want to win the lottery?! I would really love this! Thanks, hehe!
  5. I want to live a happy life, full of fun, love and laughter!! I think when Robert and I get our flat, it will feel to me as if my life has actually started!
  6. I want to make some time for myself! I really need to have some me time! Working 7 days a week is crazy and tiring. I need some time to relax and recharge!
  7. I want everybody to enter my give away!!! Hehe, if you do you might win a Stila eye shadow palette! Go on, go on enter here!
Ok so those are my wants! Hehe, too much to ask for? I wasn't going to do anything that I can go and buy because I wanted it to mean more than that. I also have just created a wish list gadget at the side of my blog, so I wasn't going to repeat myself! Hehe, Hope your having a good Friday!

Love, Jen x

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