Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hi girls! So it is the fourth of July, which means Independence Day in the good old US of A! As I  love visiting the states and it is my dream to be able to visit all 50 in my life, I thought I would do a picture post on all things American and what I love about the USA! Yay! I'm sure there will be lots of parties, barbecues and fireworks displays taking place today!

This is me at Pearl Harbour in January! Hawaii is AMAZING!! Go and check out the American Adventure I had here!

all photos from, except my own photo obviously!

I think I will stop there now! Hehe, but I really do love America and so does Robert. I could probably envisage me living there one day, depending on finding a place that feels right! But I will stick to good old Scotland for now! Ok so Robert and I have visited 3 states together ( It is actually 5, but as we were just passing through them I won't count those!), so we have 47 to go! Haha, I loved being in New York and was Robert's complete dream come true! Hawaii was just completely amazing! I still actually can't believe I've been there its just sooo far away from the UK! I really want to go back to Las Vegas, as we never got to see half the things to do there and also I have to go and see the Grand Canyon!! I think we are going to do a tour of California next and I cannot to go to the Disneyland Resort!!!! Oh my goodness I am way too excited for that already!!! 

Is it sad that I want to collect all the states fridge magnets!?! Hehe I would love these!

Hope all you Americans are having a great day!!!! You guys can enter my give away as its open worldwide and I will send it all the way over to you!!! Hehe, if you want to try and win a Stila eye shadow palette then click here!

Love, Jen x

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