Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Snap 4: Stuck Inside

Hi girls!

My snap today is one which I am missing out on. I am stuck inside at work and the weather today is absolutely gorgeous! It is bright blue skies, no clouds. The sun is out, shining bright and it is hot! For Scotland, this is the best we get! 20 degrees, which means its summer and I am inside my office missing out! Most of the time our weather is atrocious, rainy and most of the time its grey skies and I am always happy to be inside and out of the cold. On days like today, I hate having to stay in here! All you people lucky enough to be out and about today, enjoy it!!!

I'm very much enjoying documenting my life in June so far! You can still join in with Sprinkle of Glitter too! 


  1. Typical scotland to be beautiful on days in which we are working !!



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