Thursday, 6 June 2013

Snap 6: Ikea Trip!

Hi girls!

Today's snap is a bit of a cheat (sorry), as this was taken last night! My dad, Robert and I went on a little Ikea shopping trip, to get some furniture for my dad's new study in our house. The house has been going through some big changes this past few months and we moved our kitchen into another room, which is larger and works better as the kitchen. So now my dad has claimed the old kitchen as his study/painting room (his paintings are amazing!!)/football watching room. Today the painting will all be finished, so we went to get him some furniture.

He picked this lovely grey wood colour for his desk and cabinets. Its going to go so nicely with the floor and the wall colour! I will try and get a photo of the study once its finished!

I love going to Ikea, its always such a fun thing to do. We get our dinner and then have a wander around looking at things we would like. Last night we were there for a while, as all of the furniture he wanted was not self service, so we had to wait for the staff to get all the furniture for us! We left with three full trolleys! Hehe! Does anyone else enjoy a shop around Ikea? I left with a new duvet cover for my bed! Yay!

Let me know if you are taking part with Sprinkle of Glitter too!

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