Friday, 21 June 2013

Snap 21: A Yummy Lunch!

Hi girls! 

It has been such a lovely day today and I had quite a summery lunch to go with it! Here is what I had:

The Diet Coke has a big significance in this photo! Dean is my second name, so funny when I picked it up! I have now found two Jen's and one Dean! Hehe! I had a really yummy fruit salad, which contains strawberry, melon, pineapple and mango. It also has a raspberry and rhubarb drizzle to go with it! M&S has called it a fruit "slaw", as the melon and mango are shredded p inside. Its so yummy, they also do another combination of this too! Obviously I had to pick up a bag of Phizzy Pig Tails! If you haven't tried them, its a must!

Have you girls had anything nice to eat today? 

1 comment:

  1. the fizzy pigtails are amazing! I love everything percy pig! xx


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