Saturday, 29 June 2013

Snap 27 & 28: Two Gloomy Days

Hi girls!

Where to start... The weather. In Glasgow the rain has not stopped, not once! Where has summer gone?!

Second of all a director of the restoration company I work for passed away very suddenly following a massive stroke on Wednesday. Something I haven't told you before about the company is that it is a family business, well including two families. One of them is my family and my dad is a director and sadly the other director Willie is now gone, he was turning 60 this year. It has been such a huge shock, for everyone right down to the apprentices and labourers we employ. Obviously at the moment all the pressure is resting on my dad, which also makes me even more worried and affected by what has happened. I am also quite close to Helen (Willie's wife) who does all the accounts for the company. 

So it has been a couple of gloomy days at Its a Blondes Life, which is why I have been absent for the last couple of days! However this weekend will hopefully be good, as Robert and I are away to the Formula One at Silverstone! So that should cheer is up! Hope you girls have had a better day than me! 

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