Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Snap 24:Disney Dreaming

Hi girls!

Most of you know by now, that I am a huge Disney fan! After being in the Disneyland Resort in California in March. I am now desperate to go back to Walt Disney World in Florida! I went there when I was 7 and my how the parks have  changed sine 1997! I have become strangely addicted to reading about Disney and Universal theme parks in Florida through forums. Desperate to know what new rides they are going to build etc. I have always loved looking at maps too and trying to visualise what they could turn a space into! Strange, but true! 

I took this photo in Toon Town in the Disneyland Park. Robert and I had such a good time there! I am hoping to get a trip to Florida in October 2014... Maybe. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. I've been to the Florida park about 5 times now and went again last year, it was amazing! Both universal and Disney have changed so much even since 2009 when the last time I went was! Disney are building a fantasy land area which looked amazing and universal have Got rid of the jaws ride (eventually) I hope you do manage to go back next year! Xxx

  2. I have never been to any of the Disney theme parks but as soon as I get enough money I am going to plan the most epic trip to America! Only another 10 more years of saving to do? haha



  3. I've never been to a Disney theme park actually but I want to go so badly! :)
    Really lovely post

    Christina xx

  4. I love Disney parks too I want to go to the one in Paris!


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