Tuesday, 29 May 2012

River Island Haul

Hi girls, sorry I haven't done a post for a while! 

This post is a haul from River Island! Now I love River Island, I do always go in to see what they have and I know they have went through a stage where they have been a bit rubbish! I have kept on going with them, as they has always been a little gem that I have liked!

So I was in yesterday, after having looked online at what they had and especially looking at their shoes! I have needed a new pair of summery wedges and the ones I have bought are AMAZING!!! Hehe! You can get them in cream, black, or a light blue/purple colour, I was swithering between the cream and the blue, but in the end I went for the cream, as I could wear them with more things! The wedge is 14.5cm (so 5.7inches) and are quite high (I love super high heels!). I don't ever wear small heels, so for me its either no heels or huge heels!! Robert was with me and he was so lovely and bought me them!! They cost £55, which is an ok price I guess,but it still does seem like a lot of money! Eeep! I shall do an outfit of the day when I wear them so you can see what they look like on! They are so pretty, as you will see below!

After trying on the shoes and having them put aside, I wanted to look around at the clothes. I ended up buying a pair of bright pink jeans and two tops! I guess they are both just slouchy t-shirt style tops. The first is fully patterned with pink, green, white, blue and yellow within the print, which was £12. The second top I'm wearing today (my outfit below!) and has three different colours in sections, cream at the top, beige in the middle and grey/blue at the bottom, and this one was only £10!

Top - River Island
Jeans - River Island
Sandals - Next

 Ok so onto the skinny jeans, as soon as I saw the colour I knew I had to have them!!! These are exactly the same as my jeans above and these are so comfortable, so I know these will be great! However they were £40, and as I had just been into New Look (I didn't buy anything) and saw they had coloured jeans for £14 (!!), they didn't have any colours that I thought were nice and also as soon as I saw these bright pink ones I knew I had to have them!! 

So there you go another haul! Do you like the coloured jeans that are in this summer? If so what are your favourite colours?!

Love, Jen x


  1. I love those Wedges, I almost bought the Tshirt too but they didnt have my size :/ :(

    1. Yea as soon as i saw them online i was like i must have them!! Aww that rubbish about the tshirt :( keep an eye out because as if it was popular they might do different colour version! Thanks for the comment :) xxx

  2. That outfit you've put together is so pretty! x

    1. Aww thank you pet :) I just thought it was a nice wee not so warm but summery outfit. I liked how the colours toned together :) Jen xxx


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