Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Pandora Bracelet!

Hi girlies! I wanted to do a post on my Pandora bracelet, as it is my favourite piece of jewellery and all the charms have a different story and meaning attached to them! 

Robert bought me the bracelet and 4 charms to start me off for my 19th Birthday and my collection has carried on from there! Robert has actually bought all the charms for me, which I think is nice because its his gift to me that has been growing all through our relationship! Now i have 15 charms on my bracelet and they are all the sterling silver ones because the gold charms are sooo expensive and also because I don't really like wearing gold so it suits me fine!! Hehe. So here is my bracelet:

Murano glass - Flower - Swan - Bow spacer - Pink enamel flower - Horse - Dangly love heart - Bag - Dangly enamel heart - Cat on cushion - Red heart enamel - Flower spacer - Turtle - Pineapple - Murano glass

  • Robert bought me the Murano glass ones for Christmas, as I wanted to add some colour into my bracelet!
  • The flower was bought for Christmas.
  • The swan was bought last Christmas and I thought this was really sweet, because a swan is the symbol of everlasting love!! Awww, clever Robert!
  • Bow spacer was one of the first ones I got.
  • Robert bought me the pink enamel flower when he was in Valencia! 

  • The horse was one of the first ones again and I chose this one because I adore horses!
  • Dangly (I think I have just made this word up?!!) love heart given one Christmas.
  • I love bags and I got this when we were in Palma, as I needed to get a bag on my bracelet! This one has a pink stone in the centre unfortunately you can't see it!
  • The dangly enamel heart was the first one I chose when he bought me the bracelet, it has the Pandora sign within it and I liked it because it was pink!
  • Now the cat on the cushion I wanted since it came out, which I think was around Christmas 2010 (unsure exactly when), Robert was going to get me it as part of my 21st birthday, but that all changed when he bought me my kittens instead! I was desperate for it and he finally got it for me last Christmas. The reason I wanted it so much was because, it would be my little Jess (my old cat) on my bracelet, so therefore it is one of my most precious charms! 

  • The red love heart ball was given to me at Christmas.
  • Again the flower spacer was among the first 4 I got.
  • The turtle I got when we were in Hawaii and we actually saw some wild Green Sea Turtles in the sea when we were on the Submarine!
  • The pineapple was a gift completely out of the blue! He knew I wanted it and as I always eat pineapple (I loveee it!!) he got me it as a surprise.
  • Murano glass ones were given at Christmas!
I do love my bracelet a lot and I'm glad i still have space on it to add more!! I have went for a pink theme (don't know if you noticed, haha I love pink!!) on my bracelet. There a re quite a lot of copycats of this kind of bracelet, but I think its more special if its a proper one. When I told Robert I wanted one of these bracelets I had been swithering on whether to get a Thomas Sabo bracelet or one of these. I chose Pandora because I thought that having all the dangly charms of Thomas Sabo's around my wrist would irritate my skin and Pandora charms are actually part of the bracelet (if you get what I mean!), so they wouldn't do this. I have noticed the prices increase for Pandora charms, but it depends on whether you just get a normal silver charm or one with enamel or stones in them, as to how much you pay.I definitely think though that Pandora is a very good make and is well worth the money, as my bracelet and all its charms still look brand new!

Do any of you have Pandora bracelets, if so what is your favourite charm?

Love, Jen x


  1. I always love to see the charms that others have on their bracelet! Very cute! xo

    1. Yea thats the same as me! :) thanks for leaving a comment xxx

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