Friday, 11 May 2012

Birthday Treats!

Hi! I turned 22 (hate this age!!) this year on the 7th of April! I do quite miss being 21 already! I was just going to do a post on what I got for my Birthday! Now I already mentioned that my dad put money towards my car for my birthday, so that was what I got from him. My mum got me an amazing bag for Aspinal of London!! If you haven't heard of Aspinal, then they are a high end retailer, who sell bags, jewellery and also homeware too and are known for their luxurious products! When I saw the box i was like oh goodness! I was scared to open it!! It was a light gold clutch bag for nights out and special occasions and its soooo pretty!! Just wait till you see the pictures!! She also got me a bag charm from Aspinal too which is very cute but I'm scared to use it in case it breaks!! I don't know how resilient it will be! Haha! Photos below.

So it opens at the front and it comes with a key so you can lock it!! It also has a zip the full way along at the back so there's two compartments to the bag! I LOVE it!!

The pink and cream balls spell out love, just if your wondering! I can actually swap this bag charm with the gold tassel on the bag, so that's quite good!

My friends also got me some nice things (lucky Jen)!! A bag form oasis as I had bought a similar bag from Accessorize and all the lining came away, so I had to take it back and they remembered and got me this one instead! They also got me a wee cheeky bag of tablet from Thortons as I like it ALOT and some wee cat stickers, hehe! Another friend got me this cute wee trinket that says "All you need is love... and a cat", which is so true!! You can never lose out with a cat! Yay and I have two!! Photos below.

Now Robert didn't get me an actual present as such, but as we were going to Madrid on the weekend of my birthday, he paid for the flights and the hotel! Very generous of him!! We were going there because I actually had bought him football tickets for his Christmas! He had always wanted to go to the Bernabeu stadium, which is Real Madrids home ground and they were playing Valencia, who I know Robert liked! So it was fate that the game was to be on the day after my birthday! He also bought me a big birthday dinner!! Hehe, but more about our adventure in Madrid in a future post!!

Love, Jen x


  1. We have the same birthday! GO 7th of April!! Accept I just turned 20 haha xx

    1. Wooo! Haha! yea 7th of April is a good Day! 22 is not a good age :( lol!! xxx

  2. Ohhh and forgot to say I have nominated you for a versatile award :)

  3. Cute clutch! Happy belated Birthday! :) xoxo


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