Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Viva Las Vegas!!

Onto Las Vegas now, the final leg of our trip! 

There was a big palava with our flights from Hawaii to Las Vegas as they wanted us to get three flights!! I was like no way is that happening, as they wanted us to go from Honolulu to LA, then from LA to San Francisco and then from SF to Las Vegas. To me this was just completely absurd, so thankfully we got a very nice lady at Honolulu airport that cut out us going to LA completely and just went straight from Hawaii to SF! I'm always very scared for my suitcase on flights as well because I'm completely terrified they will lose it!! So the three flights was just too much for me and my case!! Hehe, in SF from the plane landing and the next one taking off we were literally on the ground for half an hour at the most and it went really fast! Thankfully the gate we had to get to was just across from the gate we just left! So this was a quick scoot over and then get into another queue!

When we landed in Las Vegas, it was everything I had expected and more!! People had said to me that everything is right in your face and very opulent and it was! I couldn't believe the size of the hotels!!! We were staying in Caesars Palace, which we were really excited about! We were so tired from all the travelling and we were attempting to talk away to the man at the reception and he decided to give us an upgrade! Oooo i have no idea why he did this, whether he just thought we were nice or extremely tired and needed a good sleep (which we did!) or if he thought we were on our honeymoon (which we weren't by the way!!), but we were so excited! Haha so we got put up in one of their brand new rooms, in the Octavius Tower, which had just opened on the 1st of January! He said it usually cost $500 per night! So going up the elevator was rather exciting and everything is absolutely top quality in this hotel by the way, it was amazing! When we got to our floor, the doors to the rooms were like soo far apart! Our room was right at the end too, so it felt like forever walking along it! When we got in, the room didn't disappoint my excitement!! It was excellent and the bed was humongous, I could have got lost in it!! 

In Las Vegas we had the night we arrived and then two more days to explore! I already knew before I arrived that this was no way going to be enough time!! So on the first night we had a look around Caesars Palace and also went into the Bellagio hotel and watched the fountains. I honestly can't believe how big the Forum shopping mall was!! It's bigger than any of the shopping centres in Glasgow (which aren't small at all!). It just seems so unreal, but I guess that's what its all about!

So the next day, we went to Serendipity 3 for our lunch! Oh my goodness the food is awesome! Although the deserts are even BETTER!!! They have a frozen hot chocolate, which I think is famous! Haha and is so scrummy! Yum!! We then went over to the Venetian and went into Madame Tussaud's, which was fun. While in the Venetian, we booked to go see a show and it was one that I was super excited about and I have always wanted to go to. It was Penn and Teller, whom I love and think their "magic" is great (they themselves told us that they do not do magic!)!! So before the show we watched the Mirage Volcano erupt and then went over to the Rio Hotel! We got there a while before the show started and we went and bought these alcoholic slush puppies and they were so cool!! They had all these different flavours, so definitely worth a try if you go to the Rio. They are probably in other places too, but not sure where! Penn and Teller were just absolutely brilliant!! They were absolutely hilarious and involved the audience in what they were doing. Their tricks are completely mind blowing and you wonder how on earth did they do that?! Very worthwhile going to see them if your going to Vegas! Highly recommend it!

Sadly on our last day in Vegas, I wasn't very well! I had to spend the day in bed, which meant american tv and all their crazy adverts!! It also meant that poor Robert had to go and fetch me food and also have a wee explore himself! So yea I was very disappointed at not getting to see the rest of what we never saw!! I am desperate to go back to Las Vegas because of this! 

Here are some pictures of our time in Las Vegas!

Hooded Zipper - Abercrombie and Fitch
Top - Crazy Shirts (bought in Hawaii)
Tan Jeans - River Island

Top - New Look
Cardigan - New Look

So yea no photos from the last day I'm afraid! Hehe we had to get up super early though on the Wednesday, as we had two flights to take that day! Now, I actually don't remember much about being back in Las Vegas airport, whether it was because I was so tired or because I'm getting confused with all the other airports I don't know! Hehe but I do remember being back in Newark airport, because we landed there around 2.30pm and then our plane back to Glasgow wasn't until 7pm!! So we had a lot of time to waste! We went and got something to eat, had a wander around and then just got comfy and I read my Kindle that Robert had got me for Christmas! I must say that it came in extremely handy on this trip!! I was so glad to be going back on this plane because it was the one with the touch screen tv's that you could watch loads of movie's on! So that would keep me entertained going back to Glasgow. However I probably should have been sleeping though, because it was 8am the next day that we arrived!! I slept that whole day and then part of the next day too!! I was so tired form our mental, but completely amazing and unforgettable holiday!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip! I was going to do a haul of what I bought when away next! :D 

Love, Jen x

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