Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Look Haul

Hi girls!
So I tried loads of clothes on, in the shop I work in, to get some new clothes for uniform and nothing I picked up was any good! I don't know if its my random shape (tall, slim, no boobs and sticky out ribs!!) or if its just the wrong clothes that I picked up! I left work quite upset actually! I don't usually have problems with finding uniform! So on the way to leaving Silverburn shopping centre, I took a wee trip into New Look!! Hehe

I got quite a few things, so I was pretty pleased! Two cardigans, two t-shirts and a pair of jeggings! I also got 3 pairs of pants for £7, as I thought that it was quite a good deal! I'm always wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I really want to break this habit! So hopefully with summer coming up I can break it! Photos and prices of what I bought below!

Maroon Slouchy Cardigan - £17.99

Neon Patterned Cardigan (looks a bit mad, but is actually really nice on!) - £27.99

Aztec Slouchy T-shirt - around £7.99

Basic Pink T-shirt (sorry its so crushed!) - £4.99

Light Denim Jeggings (again sorry they are crushed!) - £12.99

I also popped into La Senza, which has had a complete overhaul! The one in Silverburn has been chosen to see if the new branding and new lingerie lines will work! Well let me tell you, it is sooo nice!! The prices have went up a little, but its just like Victoria's Secret!! La Senza has been bought over by the company who owns Victoria's Secret so hence why its so similar! All the new lingerie comes from Canada too! I loved how you could just find your size by opening all the drawers and seeing all the pretty thing inside!! So lets hope that it rolls out to all of the La Senza shops! I couldn't resist buying some things in there too, but I won't put photos up! Haha some things need to be kept a secret!! They also have nice new bags too!!

Thanks for reading! :D

Love, Jen x


  1. that bright cardigan looks really nice actually! loving your blog by the way, check mine out if you get a sec :) xxxxxxx

  2. The neon cardigan is funky I love it!!


  3. Thanks girls yea its really comfy to wear! xxx


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