Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My New Car!!

Hi guys!

I passed my driving test in February 2009 (first time I might add! Hehe). So I just drove my mums car when I needed to and then in January 2010 I got insured for Robert's (my boyfriend) car, which is a three door 05 plate Ford Focus. I have to tell you now that I love cars!! I think people should take pride in their cars and I hate seeing people smoking in them and just generally driving a dirty bashed up car! So after two years of being able to drive Robert's car all the time as he has got a van as well which he drove most of the time, I thought it was about time to get my own car! Now that I can afford to buy one myself!! Now when I decide something like this it is going to happen, I can be very impulsive and I just go with my gut!

So I wasn't really sure what kind of car I wanted to get, but I am definitely not the kind of girl who likes the wee silly city cars, such as the Ka or C1. I do tend to drive fast and I like to get from A to B quickly, I will say however that I'm a very good driver and I know how to drive, unlike a lot of other drivers on the road!! So I decided I wanted to get the Ford Fiesta Zetec S, which is the 1.6 version of the normal fiesta, I guess because I was used to driving a 1.6 in the Focus and also because it was smaller it would be faster than that! Hehe, so after looking in Autotrader for days and trying to find the right age and price, I found my car.... in London! So yea as I live in Glasgow it was a tad far away!! However this did not put me off, oh no, Robert and I love going on adventures and long drives away. 

After speaking to the  Ford car dealer where it was located, I arranged to come down and see it and then basically buy it as well!! I know Ford are one of the best kind of cars to have, as they are extremely reliable and very well made. We booked a flight from Glasgow to Gatwick airport as this was the nearest airport to the car! We then had to get two trains to get to Tonbidge, which is a very nice wee town, where the car dealer was. I was so excited! Seriously excited! My first car and it was such an awesome car to have! We took it for a test drive and after signing all the paper work and paying for it up front, it was all mine!! The car cost me £7,500, which is extremely good for an 09 plate in amazing condition with only 30,000 miles on the clock. I got a loan of £5,000, which I can pay back in 3 years so that brilliant and then my dad paid the rest fro my birthday, which was sooo generous of him! So  I called my new car Jenson, as he is super speedy like Jenson Button and he also is the same colour as his helmet! The car was absolutely brilliant!!! We left the dealership at half 1 and got home at half 9 so 8 hours with 3 stops is great! Jenson did 90mph most of the way back and didn't flinch once! He gets 40 mile to the galleon which  again is amazing! Here are some pics of our adventure!

Scarf - Fat Face
Hooded Zipper - Abercrombie & Fitch
Bag - Fossil
T-shirt - Roxy
Tan Jeans - River Island

I am so pleased with it!! He is an absolute cracker, I have had him for 2 months now and he's my pride and joy! I love driving, but he makes me want to do it more!

Love, Jen x


  1. This is such a great choice!!! I've had a whole lot of different cars within five years of my driving history (my BF is car freak and he keeps pushing me to change mines;-) and ford was FOR SURE one of the best ones!!!

  2. Thank you! :) Its brilliant!! xxx

  3. Such a cute car! I absolutely love that color, Congrats!

  4. Thank you! yea people in Britain at the mo are obsessed with white cars and i just have no clue y cos i think they look awful!! hehe xxx

  5. Hi, Jen! Congrats on your new car! ;) It looks really neat! Can you believe I'm 33 and don't have a driving license yet? :/ I'm from Argentina and I didn't need to drive at all in the city; I moved to California over a year ago and here there's no way to get by without a car. I'm planning to take the test soon :).

    Oh, and oh, my! You're from Glasgow! Most of my favorite bands are from there, so I really want to go visit one day. I Looove Belle & Sebastian!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend! ;D


    1. Awww! Thanks for a lovely comment!! I LOVE driving soo much! you just feel so free and that u can go anywhere! haha Glasgow is actually a great city!! you should definitely visit! Have a good weekend :)

      Jen xxx

  6. OMG, that is an awesome car :)


  7. You have a great taste when it comes to cars! Blue is a very chic color, and it exudes confidence. It really suits you well, and you look like you’re a winner in your photo, just like Jenson Button when he won the championship. Anyway, it’s been a while now; I hope you’re having a great time driving your car. :)

    Kyle Schmidt

    1. Thank you :) It is a really good car! Thanks for your comment

      Jen x


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