Thursday, 3 May 2012

America Haul!


So I was going to let you all know what I bought when I was away in America! I bought quite a lot, which I guess is to be expected! So there will be pictures of what I bought and then I will let you know where I bought them from!

First of all, New York:

  • a Fossil Watch. I have had my eye on one of these for ages and I do love Fossil! You also get to pick your own box to put the watch in, which are all quite vintage looking so that a nice touch! My watch had to have a bit of pink in it and also had to be silver because I never wear anything gold!

  • I had to go into the Disney Store!! I bought two of the little cuddly toys - Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, who I absolutely love (and was so excited to go to Hawaii as thats where its based!) and Wheezy the penguin from Toy Story, just because Robert and I have a wee joke with penguins! I also got a big lollipop and a Cars suit for our nephew, who was just going to turn 2 when we got back from our holiday, so it was for his birthday!
  • I also got some Nerds sweets, which I love and I have no idea why! I got these from Toys R Us which is just such a HUGE store!! It is so cool and has a ferris wheel in it! Robert and I are really just big kids so we love all that sort of stuff! Oh and I didn't buy the huge box in the photo below! Haha
  • We then obviously had to go to the M&Ms store and Robert filled his bag up soo much! He loves chocolate! Hehe

  • I also got an amazing hoody from Abercrombie & Fitch, which you would have seen me wearing in Las Vegas. It is faux fur lined in side and around the hood with a zip and is so cosy and warm! I wear it all the time!
  • I also bought two things from Hollister, one was a pink and white striped t shirt, which I wore in Hawaii and also bought a pair of pink banded sweatpants just to wear around the house, which are really comfy!

Now onto Hawaii:
  • The first thing I bought was a Tiffany necklace!! Now I did want to go to the famous store when we were in New York, but some how we must of walked right past it! I did go into the Wall Street store, but didn't buy anything. I was so pleased with my Tiffany necklace!!

  • I needed to buy some more tops and I went a bit far and bought five (!!) new t-shirts, 3 from Crazy Shirt and 2 from Roxy. I was quite pleased with them as they are very comfy to wear and easy to wash! The top row are the ones from Crazy Shirt and the bottom row are from Roxy.

  • I also bought two Pandora charms, one for my mum and one for me! I got the turtle charm and I got my mum a leaf that curls all the way round the bracelet. I am going to do a post on my Pandora bracelet in a later post, so you will see the turtle then!
  • I also got some nic nac type things! I bought a nail file, a mirror, a keyring and 4 pretty flower leis (the flower neck garland thingies!) in lots of pretty colours!
  • I also went a bit mad in Sephora! I absolutely  LOVE Benefit make up and I just thought I would top up my collection as it was slightly cheaper in Waikiki than it was back home! So I splurged on Stay Don't Stray eye primer, Posie Tint, which I love on my lips, Hello Flawless powder, Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation and I also got Sun Beam, which actually only just came out in the UK the beginning of May, so I felt sooo lucky getting it when I did and its awesome! I also had a look at the Nails Inc stand too and oh my goodness, they were really cheap!! I don't know if it was because Nails Inc are new in America or what but I got two colours for $9 each! They are usually £11 in Britain for the normal colours, so thats quite a good saving if you think of the exchange rate and all that!! So I picked up Lanesborough Place, which is a light gold colour and has this liquid gold effect on the nails, apparently it is also a special edition, but it doesn't say it on my bottle! I also bought Connaught Square, which is a Special Effects 3D glitter polish, it has royal blue glitter with a smattering of purple glitter through it too and its gorgeous!
  • So I then decided I was just going to go for it and buy a pair of Ugg Boots!! I always said to myself that I didn't ever want to get a pair, but I gave in!! Hehe and I'm so glad that I did!! They are super comfy and keep your feet roasty toasty!! I have worn them nearly every day since!! I bought  the grey colour as I don't like wearing black and I hardly ever wear anything brown or tan, so they wouldn't have went with my wardrobe. I also got the tall length because I am 5ft7, so the short ones didn't look right on me!

I never really bought anything in Las Vegas actually! I was too busy being in awe of the place probably. Although the shops were amazing!!! I think we were just too busy rushing around trying to see things! Although I did buy a novelty Caesars Palace dice! Ha

Hope you enjoyed my haul post.

Love, Jen x


  1. I go to America at the end of the month. I can't wait to go shopping!! :D xx

    1. Awwww! wow where abouts are you going??? so jealous!!! hehe yea great shopping over there! get into Sephora!! :D

      Jen xxx

  2. I have the exact same Tiffany Necklace!! I got it for my 21st!!



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