Thursday, 17 May 2012

What's in my Bag?!

Hi girls! I always like reading these kinds of posts, so I thought I should do one too!I just got my bag a week ago and bought it online, as I never saw this colour in any shops! It's the Paul's Boutique Holly bag, in gunmetal grey. I have always quite liked Paul's Boutique bags (this is my 4th and a purse!!) and I know they have a quite bad name now just for the kind people who buy them, but I still like them (and I am also not one of those type of people! Haha). I also love the  fabric in the inside of Paul's Boutique bags, it makes it so much easier to see what's in your bag if the material inside has a pattern on it! Shows the quality, I guess, check the leopard print!! So just to let you know I have not taken anything out of my bag. I'm kinda really tidy anyway, so I don't usually leave like old receipts or anything like that in my bag anyway! Just in case your wondering why its so tidy! I would say my bag is very practical and has everything I would need during the day!

Ok so the main reason I liked this bag was for the size and the three different compartments within the bag, which means I can always find where something is, as I know what compartment I put it in!! Haha. So I will take things out from each compartment at a time! :)

Ok so in the back compartment, I have a Diary from Accessorize (that I use everyday, just to note down my working hours etc) and my purse from Fossil (which I love as it has a compartment for coins and then another place for notes and your cards!). This part also has a secret zipped compartment, which has a mirror I got in Hawaii (aloha!!), my microgynon pill (can't be having babies just now!) and then I have two tampons! Haha maybe not the most glamourous thing to have in your bag and nobody seems to have them in their bags! Surely they must though and just keep them a secret! Haha maybe I'm too truthful!

Ok so in the large middle zipped compartment I have a pen, a nail file that I also got in Hawaii, my 8gb memory stick, a hair clip from Accessorize, keys for the shutters at my office and a small tub that I fill with my Diprobase cream, that I use for my skin if it gets dry during the day!

In the front compartment I have a bottle of water, a packet of tissues, my phone (a HTC Chacha, which is ok, but not great), a packet of the new mentos chewing gum (which is so scrummy), a cinema ticket (I went to see The Dictator film last night, funny but not as good as Borat or Bruno!), my camera is kept in this space too (which is a pink Canon IXUS105), but for obvious reasons it is just my wee camera case here and then my keys, which has my car key, the office keys, a keyring I bought in Hawaii, another keyring from Accessorize and then a cat keyring (unsure of where it came from, I've had it for years and got it as a gift!) and then my house keys!

So that is my bag and its contents! I think my bag is a great size for all my needs and feels quite empty even with all this stuff in it! Let me know if you have done a post like this, as I love to have a nosy!! Hehe

Love, Jen x


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