Thursday, 24 January 2013

100 Things That Make Me Happy! Part 2

Hi girls!

So this is my second instalment of the 100 things that makes me happy series! If you want to see my first 10 then click here!

11. Being able to wear my sunglasses!

12. Seeing a caring pet owner

13. Turning music up on the radio!

14. Cosy Ugg boots

15. Recieving Snail Mail

16. Watching Vlogs on Youtube!
Its Judys Life! Watch her, you won't regret it! So funny! Love you Judy!

17. Newly washed bed sheets = very comfy bed!

18. Shopping!

19. Sunny days

20. Sweets!!

Love, Jen x


  1. i love this idea. think i might do something similar on my blog. i'm a sucker for snail mail.

    1. Yea its a nice series I think, cause you can use such pretty pictures!! :)

      Jen xxx


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