Monday, 7 January 2013

Fat Face Haul!

Hi girls!

I have my first haul post of the new year!! If you read my what I got for Christmas post, then you may have noticed a sneaky Fat Face voucher I got off my Dad. I had asked him to get me one, as I have always loved their clothes! Well on Boxing Day after my little shift at the shop, I went straight there to spend it! I couldn't wait to! Hehe.

My dad was very kind and gave me quite a lot to spend. I had an idea of what kind of things I wanted to try and get. I had really wanted to get one of their awesome hoodies, but by 4pm on Boxing day the store I went to were sold out of any size 10s!! I was quite upset!! Luckily though I spotted this big, cosy coatigan (a coat and cardigan hybrid!), which is going to be fab under the gilet Robert got me for Christmas (photos below). It was £25 in the sale and a pretty cream/beige colour.

I then picked up a cute navy cardigan with detailing down the front. I have been needing a darker coloured cardigan (I don't wear black!) for a while now and this one is great. It is made out of really soft material and is not scratchy to my skin, which is something I really need to watch for because of my eczema. This was in the sale for £20.

My camera didn't really get the colour or the detailing very well, so I took a close up shot for you!

I love Fat Face's long sleeve tops, they are just so comfy and great for keeping you just at the right temperature when you are inside! Again because of my eczema, I always like keeping my arms covered and with tshirts, I would always have to wear either a cardigan or hoody over the top of them, so I like buying long sleeve tops that I can wear by themselves without feeling too self conscious. This one is a purple stripe and was down to £12.

I then picked up this cute navy tshirt for £10. "Your moment is out there" is the main saying on the shirt and it is surrounded by a couple of others too. 

The next two items were both in the full price range, but they are one of my favourite things to buy from Fat Face. The scarves they sell are just awesome!! I love love love the scarves and I do love scarves in general too!! Hehe! So the first one I picked up was a circle scarf, which is a gorgeous coral colour with cream running through it.The design has little hearts running all the way round it, which is just so cute and can I just say this scarf is incredible soft!! It was £19.50.

My next scarf and final item in this haul was another circle scarf (totally addicted to them right now!). It is a purple colour with a dark blue, lighter blue and with flower pattern on it. This one was also £19.50.

And yup I spent my whole voucher in that one sitting. It was great to be able to buy some new things guilt free and only spending a couple of pounds towards it at the end!! Hehe! I just love Fat Face and I think the clothes are very good quality wise. 

I also wanted to show you a more in depth look at the Fat Face gilet Robert bought me for Christmas. I will start by saying that I am in love with this thing and I do not know why I have not had one before!! It is so cosy, I love wearing it! I was afraid that when I wore it, it would make me look bulky, but not one bit! Also the hood is just amazing! Inside the hood and the body, there is really really soft fleece, which makes you stay warm. Can I just say that the colour also almost matches my Ugg boots! Score!!

It also has this little secret inside pocket, where you can put your phone or music player and it has a little hole for you to get you earphones out and then a little loop further up to hold your earphone wire in place and no fumbly mess when you out for a walk and listening to your music!  Definitely a handy addition!

And there you have it my Fat Face haul this Christmas! I definitely did well picking up the clothing in store and then of course my lovely man getting me my gilet that I have wanted for ages!! Yay!

Do you shop in Fat Face at all? If you don't you should!! Hehe!

Love, Jen x


  1. I love love love the vest! It's perfect on so many levels! I've never heard of Fat Face before though. I'm going to check em out online!

    Lots of Love,

    The NB

  2. i LOVE those scarves! the first one is absolutely gorgeous!! looks like you got lots of great stuff!

    1. They are amazing :D I did, I'm dead happy with it all!! :)

      Jen xxx

  3. Great picks I love the second scarf!

    1. The colours are really pretty in it in real life :) lol

      Jen xxx


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