Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I Can't Believe...

Hi girls!

I am linking up today with the lovely Robin from The Sunshine Diary! I have been meaning to link up with her for ages and I finally am! Here we go...!

I can't believe... that we are nearly in June!?! How has this happened! We have only got one month to go and 2013 will be half way through! That is just crazy. I don't know what it is; getting older, working all the time, time just seems to fly by so fast nowadays! It sill feels like it should be April! Well at least Scotland is getting some sunny weather!

I can't believe... How hilariously funny The Hangover 3 was. Robert and I went to see it on Friday and we totally could not control our laughter! Haha, you have all got to go and see it!! Oh and here is a little extra bit after some credits, which was probably the funniest part of the film. I really wish they didn't have to end it with the trilogy. They could easily make a fourth film, with what the ending was! 

I can't believe... (sticking with the Hangover theme) that the first two films made $500,000,000 (that's 500 million) each! Those first two films made a billion dollars!! How crazy is that!

I can't believe... how hard it is to find Robert and I a house! There is just so  little at the moment for sale and we want to stay in a good area, so there is little for sale! We are just desperate to get our own place, but I guess patience is key when buying the right house!! Its just so annoying!!

I can't believe... how addicted I am to Youtube at the moment!! Its bad, bad I tell you!

I can't believe... how soon I'm going back down to London! This time next week I'm going to be so excited!! I'm going to a huge concert in Wembley Stadium! Its going to be awesome! I have the hotel all booked and we have worked out a schedule (sort of, hehe) and I am driving my Jenson there and back! There might also be a night out in London involved too! Fun fun!

What can you not believe at the moment? Go say hi to the lovely Robin too!!


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