Tuesday 14 May 2013


I am thankful for...

Having Robert in my life, who is my absolute rock and love of my life.

My little cats, Alice and Flo, who I absolutely dote on. My little precious ones, who make my life better by the bond we have.

My parents... They gave me the best childhood I could have ever asked for. I have a dad who is like a best friend and ok I don't get on with my mum all the time, but I know she loves me more than anything. I am so so thankful for having them as the best parents ever!!

My health. Ok so I have eczema (which has been behaving itself very well this past year!!), I sneeze all the time and my shoulders are sore a lot, but I never need to take any medicine and I don't ever feel ill or unwell. So I am thankful for that!

Being happy! I have said it before, but hey I can say it again... I feel just so so content with my life right now, things are going great! So I am very thankful for that!!!

What are you girls thankful for?

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