Friday, 17 May 2013

Vroom Vroom

Hi girls!!

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking my dad to the airport (he was going to Stornoway on business for the day). I do this quite often, so I know the road well and there is a few bumps in the road coming up to the drop off point. The road curves round and as I was going round the bend, police men were standing on the road. It all happened so fast (hehe) that I never even realised that they were pointing the speed gun at my car...

I never really noticed what speed I was going, but I knew I wasn't going that fast because of the speed bumps. So Mr Policeman tells me to stop and as I never realised what they were doing my naivety told me they were probably doing some sort of survey or safety check..... Haha! I have never spoken to a police officer before never mind being pulled over by one, so that is what my mind expected! So anyway, I stop and he comes over to the window and shows me the reader on his speed gun (at this point all I could think was how much I wished I had been right about the survey....) it said 32mph. I was like ok I wasn't going fast that's fine and then he says its a 20mph limit so please could you pull over to the side of the road just beside the police van.

And no sadly this was not me on that fateful day, and sadly this is not my car! I was in Las Vegas here!

I just looked at my dad, I never really knew what to say! I parked behind a taxi, which was parked beside three police vans and one police car. Yes I did say three vans (what a waste of resources eh?!). They basically could pull over every single car that drove past as everyone was going over 20mph, but as there was not enough room for cars to be stopped, they were pulling over about 4 cars at a time. There must of been about 20 police officers walking about, most of them not really doing anything at all. It really was just my luck that I happened to be plucked out of the many cars going past!

A police man came over to my car and asked if I could go to the van. The van?!! I am not a criminal! Obviously I never said that, but wandered into the police van to see another pool soul being picked apart by an officer. Haha, I waited for ages just sitting waiting for the officer to get my details etc. Thinking that these things do not happen to me! Oh well it did! 

I mean they were nice to me and everything, I just thought it was a bit unfair to be picking on people trying to drive people to the airport! Its not as if people even walk along the pavements on that road anyway! Its all just cars! So anyway now I have three points on my licence (sad face), all because I was going at 30mph! Its not as if I was going fast!! Grrr, I always thought I would be lucky and not get any points, but after four years I do! 

Ok here is my actual car on the day I got him (March 2012) all nice and shiny!

You can't blame me for going fast anyway... Jenson made me do it! That is why he is named after the Formula One driver you see! Hehe! By the time you read this I will be making my way towards the Warner Brothers Studios for the Making of Harry Potter! Sooooo excited!!

Hope you girls have a great weekend!!

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